Can I bet each way with Betfair Bookmakers? It sounds like a daft question but it's one I get asked often. The quick answer is YES you can, but it may not be obvious to new Betfair customers how to place the bet.

Betfair is slightly different than traditional bookies, it offers separate WIN BETS and PLACE BETS. The confusion arises because Betfair split these two bets into different markets. To get your each way bet on with Betfair you need to look for the ‘TO BE PLACED' link, this is usually directly under the main market (see example image).

The advantage of the Betfair ‘PLACE' bet is you are not forced into making two bets like a traditional bookmaker would require. A traditional bookies ‘Each Way‘ bet is actually two bets, that's why it costs double, a £5 each way bet will costs you £10 (£5 win, £5 place) as you can't win both bets you'll always lose a portion of your stake. This doesn't happen with Betfair ‘PLACE' bets, but you should also be aware that Betfair PLACE odds maybe shorter than traditional bookies to reflect this ~ but it could still be more profitable than a traditional each way bet.

You can read more about betting each way with Betfair Bookmakers at the Punters Lounge, if you'd like to join Betfair Click Here.