Online safety is an important matter that every internet user should be concerned about. As people spend more time online year after year, betting sites use the opportunity to spread their schemes around the web. With the rising popularity of E-Sports, gamers have become the main target of these attacks.

In one of his recent reports, Richard Lewis, who is a veteran in eSports journalism, talks about the various tricks used by case-opening sites. There's no wonder that gamers have become victims as they stay online longer than any other internet user. Richard said that many players end up deceived by information about fake winners, biased win rates or heavily-favored sponsors. Most of the gamers know nothing about the basics of betting, which is exactly what bookies rely on when making an offer.

Betting Online on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
One of the games that got players involved in placing online bets is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The betting option became available in 2013 with the introduction of the weapons skins feature. As gamers competed against each other at eSports events, viewers were able to tune in and wager on the matches.

However, at that time nobody knew that the gambling option was a part of a legal grey sector within the industry. Since there were no regulations regarding the online betting activity, most of the participants turned out to be underaged. Despite that, all the wagers had real value. In the end, many players lost money, because of a rash decision.

That is only one of the many examples, how people become victims of gambling scams. Getting involved in gambling just because it looks like a sure win is the biggest mistake you can make. Don't be too hasty, good gamblers always compare bookies offers before signing up, no matter how good a betting site and its promotions may look. Still, there is more to be taken into concern than just being careful.

Gaming Operators Against the Tricks of Betting Sites
Placing a wager can be as rewarding as risky for everyone, but the real question is why are people so easily convinced to take part in it? According to game developers, who are also affected by that matter, the real issue is not the nature of the players, but the way gambling operators are exploiting it.

Valve is one of the gaming companies ready to take legal action against online betting. The game developer is famous for creating the Steam Service and the Counter-Strike game. As these products proved to be more than profitable, betting operators started using them to promote their services. The problem for the game developer is that the case-opening sites are sabotaging the business and damaging the image of the company.

CS players are tricked into inputting money at the online betting operators to get better skin returns than the ones of Valve. Because of that, in July 2016 the gaming company demanded from the bookmakers to leave. However, the operators for online wagers remained where they were, which is why Valve is willing to take the problem to court.

As you see, not every bookmaker plays by the rules. There are so many online operators that finding which of them gain customers through manipulation and harm the business of others is hard. The gambling companies of are among the few who are honest to the players and use fair methods against their competitors. The informative website ranks only operators that are tested by experts and have the approval of their visitors. In the case of that statement is true, but how can you make a difference when every casino and bookmaker can tell you the same about themselves.

How Case Opening Sites Are Deceiving You
When it comes to safe gambling, the truth is that learning more about the tricks and the schemes is the key to finding and avoiding the case-opening sites. Recently an anonymous person, who used to work as a coder for such operators, made shocking accusations about his former employers. He confessed that he felt incapable of dealing with their tactics, which is why he left the case-opening sites' business.

The source told Lewis that many of these operators set the chances of winning manually. Therefore the winnings of the gamblers can be predetermined. Some of the case-opening websites use “Rape mode,” which rewards the players by giving them the two cheapest skins they could win. The coder stated that the homepage of these operators might offer an expensive item to those who wager, but the winning probability is set to zero. In other words, the gamblers have no chance to gain anything.

Another facade is the display feed titled “recently won”, which makes people spend more time and money on internet gaming. The fake information convinces players that the case-opening site offers more highly valued skins than other operators in the niche. The anonymous informant said that he had to alter the content of the web pages about recent wins, by removing all the lower items. That is how you trick people into thinking that a certain operator is handing out premium items.

Using YouTube and Shipping Against You

Many case-opening sites use YouTube to promote their services. Of course, the content creators who provide sponsorship and advertising take part in the scam. They receive favourable win rates, which are determined by their status and by the value that the administrator finds appropriate. Experts call that a “soak system” because the promoters set the value of skins and the winning percentages. Sometimes there is even no limit in order to take more from the gamers. Some case-opening sites go as far as to scam their sponsor by setting them up for a win at a particular time.

A different way to play a dirty trick is the so-called item stocking. Dishonest gambling sites use the tactic to delay the players from receiving their winnings. If an item payout takes 30 days or longer, it's likely to be a scam, as the legitimate period lasts between a week and a month. The anonymous source mentioned that case-opening sites often lie by claiming that they can't find the product in their history or that it has disappeared.

Although Valve and YouTube haven't given a response to the report, they can't ignore its importance as the information tells a lot about the influence of case opening sites in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.