Paddy Power bookmakers have pulled off another cunning marketing stunt at the start of the Ryder Cup. The Irish based bookmakers have erected a giant Hollywood-style sign beside Celtic Manor Golf Course for the 2010 Ryder Cup.

The sign has incurring the wrath of Celtic Manor Resort owner who demanded it be pulled down immediately, the sign is the same one that appeared on a hill behind the famous Cheltenham racecourse during this years festival.

Paddy respond to criticism from the Celtic Manor owners on this blog. “Paddy Power has issued an eloquent defence of the bookmaker’s guerrilla marketing tactics. Sir Terry labelled Mr. Power “scum” after attempting to build a 150ft sign on a hill overlooking the Ryder Cup venue. Prior to an appearance on an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show entitled ‘I Steal Money From Orphans’, Power took a moment to angrily hit out at suggestions that he’s any sort of morally bankrupt lowlife.

Head of the Paddy Power Causing A Row And Enjoying Corporate Hospitality Department, Paddy Power retorted “Yeah but, no but, yeah but, we wasn’t even done nuffink and wasn’t even on that hill. Besides Melissa Harris says she gave Tiger a blowie up the R and now she’s up the duff. Anyway, he’s not even my favourite Sir Terry.”

I think it's brilliant that Paddy Power has the balls to try and gain publicity from these major sporting events. I wonder which event will be next? – would you be surprised to know you can get odds on that over at Paddy Power Bookmakers!

As for the Ryder Cup Paddy Power are so confident that Europe will win this weekend and have already paid out to all punters who backed the Europeans prior to last Sunday night at a cost of around £100,000.

Currently the only real value in the Ryder Cup betting is on the size of the European margin of victory, see odds below.