If you’re a fan of Chinese food or you just like the whole Asian style then you’re going to love playing the Chinese Kitchen game over at Gala Bingo & Casino games.

Set inside a bustling Chinese kitchen this game is a fun and frantic slot game that will keep you constantly on edge as you try to win big with the various strange-looking Chinese dishes they have stored away inside the reels.

The design of this game really is quite something, it has this hilarious cartoon style to it as you sit and watch two Chinese chefs busy themselves over pots that are bubbling and boiling away. It’s quite immersive and you can almost smell the delicious meals that they might be serving to customers just off-screen.

The highlight of this slots design is the various dishes they have stuck inside the reels, there are things like starfish on top of rice platters, roasted duck, caterpillar snails and fish. There are even traditional crab dishes and even some turtles that have been set aside for you to snack on.

In terms of the gameplay mechanics of this slot, it takes a rather unique and pretty interesting approach. Instead of having five reels to play with and a large number of paylines to use, they keep things simple by presenting you with only three reels to use and inside of these reels are eight paylines that you can create combinations with. It’s an interesting approach to gameplay, but it’s easy to pick up once you’ve spun the reels a couple of times.

Your controls are also kept pretty simple in this slot as all eight of those paylines are rendered permanently active, so you can only control the size of your wager one each spin. In this case you can stake between 1p and £200, this makes it fairly open to a range of gambling budgets.

So you can keep things simple by placing small bets or if you want to hit those big jackpot prizes you could go all out and bet the maximum amount on each round to make sure you get more from your money on each spin! They also provide you with the option to choose between spinning each reel manually or setting it up to turn through a few rounds automatically with autoplay.

This is a great feature as it means you can sit and click away on the spin button or you can let it run for you whilst you go off and do something else or just browse the internet with it running in the background.

If you’re new to slot games you will find this game perfect as they keep everything simple and easy, so you don’t have to worry about messing around with different tabs and buttons to get your game set up.

This slot comes with a recommendation from us, it has a hilarious and rather cartoonish Chinese design, gameplay is simple and we guarantee that this game will keep you occupied for hours. Don't forget you can also enjoy a raft of bingo games at Gala too, play on your laptop or on your phone with bingomobileapps.com. New player bonuses are waiting for bingo and slots fans who join Gala this month.