Where is the Casino Industry Going?

Ever since the casino industry went online it has been growing at a rapid rate.  The online casino industry has expanded and evolved and continues to become more and more advanced as new technologies are developed.  

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality will transport online casino players into a whole new realm and this industry looks to be the new big thing in casino gaming.  When VR first came out the graphics were not that great and the consoles and other accessories were cumbersome and VR was an expensive option to consider.  As technology advanced so did VR and consoles became slimmer and can even be used at home at a reasonable cost thanks to headsets like Google Cardboard or the Gear VR from Samsung.  VR technology is now finding its way into online casinos and will change the face of online casino games for the future.  Casino gaming using VR is in its early stages but as this new technology advances VR should be the norm for online gaming in the very near future.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or AR as it is commonly known is different to VR in that AR is about creating an experience using the existing environment, while VR creates an artificial environment.  When it comes to online casino gaming AR has the ability bring an online casino into their home using wearable technology.  AR casinos are still in the early stages of development, but as this new technology develops AR casinos will be the new future in casino gaming.  

Games Based on Skill

Skill based games seems to be the latest casino novelty and these are a combination of video and casino games making an exciting combination.  Casino games like the online blackjack Canada has to offer do require skill, but the new skills-based games take things to another level. Atlantic City already has the introduction of these games known as Video Gambling Machines (VGM).  The first game launched is Danger Arena and players can win using their gaming skills with just a little bit of luck.  VGM’s are a creation from Gameco and they have created stories which will take players to a world of high definition graphics and fascinating characters.  This is just one more exciting option that casinos can look forward to in the next 10 years.  

eSports Gaming

eSports or electronic sports has exploded onto the online gaming scene and is an experience that everybody should try at least once.  This form of gaming is a type of competition played by multiple players and teams.  eSports make use of electronic systems such as video games and eSport systems.  eSports include multiplayer video game competitions, real-time strategy, fighting, first-person shooter and multiplayer online battle arenas.  These are extremely popular among all ages, but especially the youth.  This industry has grown into a multi-million dollar industry.  These eSports teams also play for live audiences in tournaments and there is much money to be made.  The question is will eSports soon become the new way players look at sports such as football and other popular sports and will it become an option to bet on when .  

Mobile Casinos

The introduction of mobile gaming has changed the way many players enjoy betting and playing casino games.  The convenience of this option has taken casino gaming to a whole new level and seems to keep growing.  Mobile casinos will definitely be around in the next 10 years and will be greatly improved with new technology and ways to make casino gaming easier and more attractive to players.