The common misconception of people is online slots are only for low rollers, people who can't afford to play with the big boys in casinos. Just because online slots lack the valet parking, the drinks served with trays and the glitz and glamour of casinos, it doesn't mean it’s only for low rollers.

Online slots are popular among men and women. It's unfair to classify it as only appealing to low rollers. In fact, high rollers prefer to be in a private room with only their computer in front of them and a stable online connection. It's much more conducive to gambling for them.

Traditional table games like blackjack and poker have their following online but the star of online gambling is the slots. Online slots are popular because of the different themes and games available. Players are not limited to facing the same odds and strategies blackjack and poker present.

Blackjack and poker are games that don't evolve. It's played the same way since it's been invented. Sure there are variations but it's not dramatic enough to change the entire structure of the game. Online slots are a different story. They constantly evolve and attract new players. One way online slots attract new players is with their bonus system. Online slots provide a number of bonuses and possible extra winnings.

Online slots also offer penny slots like land-based casinos. Whatever land-based casinos can offer, online slots can offer too.

Online slots can offer more money than traditional games like blackjack and poker. The only way you can make thousands in poker is to join tournaments. With blackjack, casino security gets suspicious once you start winning thousands. In contrast, online slots offer you the chance to win upwards of $500,000. If you play your luck and strategy right, you can really make instant big bucks at online slots.

Written by Alex, who enjoys playing blackjack online. She also regularly tries her hand at other casino games in the hope she'll soon win the jackpot!