Roulette is one of the most popular games at a casino – whether a brick-and-mortar or live casino.  It is steeped in history, dating back many years and tables remain busy to this day.

In fact, when you’re at a casino, keeping an eye on the roulette tables you may notice a number of people who seemingly never venture away from it.  They’re usually the ones who are waiting for their big odds to come in or have mastered the strategies to make a tidy profit from it.

This guide will take you through the odds for roulette.

1/1 Odds: Most Outside Bets
To double your stake at the roulette table you need to cover half of the table.  This can be Red, Black, Evens, Odds, High (19-36) or Low (1-18).  Unfortunately, 0 is not included.  This is the casinos favourite number.  If you place a £10 stake on any of these, the return is £20 if the ball lands on your selection.

2/1 Odds: Remaining Outside Bets
Whilst the outside bets pay even money to the side of the table are the outside bets that pay out at 2/1.  Therefore a £10 stake returns £30 to winners.  This section covers off one-third of the numbers each time.

5/1 Odds: Line Bet
A roulette table is arranged in rows of three.  A line bet covers two of these rows, giving you a total of six numbers for your bet.  A stake of £10 on one of these lines would return £60 should one of your six numbers come in.

8/1: Corner Bet
A corner bet is made by placing a chip where the corners of four numbers meet – therefore betting on those four numbers.  A £10 stake on these returns £90 if the ball lands on one of your four numbers.

11/1: Street Bet
Whilst a line bet covers two rows of numbers at 5/1, a street bet covers one row, ie three numbers.  Your chip is placed on the edge of the row and a £10 stake returns a cool £120 if the ball lands on either of your three numbers.  There are 12 rows for you to choose from.

17/1: Split Bet
This is a bet on two numbers next to each other.  To place a split bet, place your chip on the line that separates the two numbers you wish to back.  Winning one of these with a £10 stake returns a handy £180.

35/1: Straight Up
The highest odds are those with the least probability of coming up.  As you would have guessed, betting on a single number is the least likely return.  Known as a straight up bet, simply place your chip on any single number.