Firing up your desktop or mobile to play online slots is a joyous occasion, especially with the vast array of games available across numerous platforms.

But with so much selection on the market, how do you make sure you pick the right game for you? We look at some factors that are important to consider making sure you are playing the right game for you.

Looking good

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the same can be said when it comes to online slot games.

Over the years the quality of graphics has improved significantly and some look like they have come straight out of Hollywood.

Certain games developers such as NetEnt have a heavy focus on the aesthetics of a game as well as its game play and have come up with some titles that really engage you into the story.

Check out the Developers

When picking a slot game, have a look at the developers of a game you particularly like the look of as each one tends to have a certain style of graphics for all of their portfolio.

Whether the latest graphics are your thing, or the more classic look floats your boat, find a developer that suits your style and check out their roster of games.  

Check out the RTP

The RTP of a game is its return to player rate. For example, a game with an RTP of 95% essentially means that for every £100, you can realistically expect to claim back £95 giving the slot game a £5 profit.

Naturally, the slot games with the highest RTP give you least risk. It is worth noting however, that just because it has a high RTP, it does not necessarily mean there are big prizes on offer (Slot myths busted), it just reduces your risk of burning out your bank roll than a lower RTP game that might offer a huge jackpot.

High/Low Volatility

Fairly similar to the above RTP, the slot game (either high, low or medium) if high, is better to play if you have a lot of time and a bigger bank roll as the prizes on offer are greater, but come around less often thus becoming a greater risk.

Low volatility games will pay out more frequently but will give you smaller wins and are a better choice for beginners or for those hard pressed for time.

Whichever suits your style of play is entirely dependant on your level of risk.


Most online casinos will offer a new customer a sign-up bonus. These are always worth taking advantage of.

From free spins to no deposit bonuses, Casinopedia’s guide to slots will provide you with a good selection of offers so do a little shopping around to find the best one for you. Just remember one thing, always read the terms and conditions.

Continued Customer bonuses

How annoying is it being a customer somewhere only to see new customers always getting the best deals?

Plenty of online casinos offer numerous ongoing bonuses for its current customer base all in the name of retention.

Especially when it comes to the slots section. So, if you plan on staying loyal to your game and casino, pick one that will carry on rewarding you.


If the element of competition is your thing, then slot tournaments sounds like a winner. Bashing the spin button as often as you can to rack up as many points as possible in a bid to top the leader board can be an adrenaline rush and very rewarding.

You will also learn a lot about the game you will be playing and can take that knowledge back to your single game play.


Some games have plenty of features to get your teeth into but that can make the game quite complicated to get to grips with.

If variety is your spice of life, then look for games that offer various forms of game play rather than just simplicity.

If you are starting out, then the easier to grasp the better. Don’t dive in head first because you will end up looking at the screen wondering what the hell is going on.

Free Play

A lot of online casinos give you the option to play a demo version of the game, otherwise known as free play.

If you are struggling to pick a game, then if there is a free play option give it go and if it does not encapsulate you, then move on elsewhere.

Choose a theme you like

To draw in players, developers often have a theme to a particular game. If you have penchant for the Vikings for example, then there are plenty of Viking theme games to play.

Whatever you are into, there is (probably) a slot game designed around it.