Hitman slot machine, from Ladbrokes Games, is a sinister themed game with some of the best, photo-realistic graphics in the business, from Hitman Agent 47 and his cool, dangerous self, right through an assortment of tools-of-the-trade such as sniper rifles, deadly drugs and the glint of cold hard steel.

Based on the hugely successful video game of the same name, Hitman is a cool dark slot machine with plenty of interesting features to grab and hold your attention. The bonus game is particuarly good where you get to choose which villan to assasinate and which waepon you want to use to do it!

This game is not only great fun but it’s also one the cheapest around with the minimum bet at just 1p. You can also play it for free on Ladbrokes who kindly give you 20,000 credits free to get you going. It’s very easy to both understand and play but if you fancy getting some practice in first then this is the way to do it.

Hitman is available to play online at Ladbrokes casino and you should really give this slot a go. It’s dark and brooding, graphically amazing (especially the bonus games), with haunting background music – perfect if you’re not feeling particularly chirpy!