The deep blue ocean is the home to many beautiful and exotic sea creatures, but it is also the hiding place for lost treasures and fortunes and in the slot game, Pacific Paradise. This underwater haven is the perfect location for those players who enjoy exciting slot games with a theme and being at the bed of the ocean leaving no stone unturned on your quest to finally revealing the mass exodus of riches lurking beneath the waves.

When you go inside this underwater world you will be taken aback by the high quality of graphics and the detail of animation in this slot game. The Pacific Paradise game will provide players with a rare slot gaming experience that will be nothing short of remarkable, so get ready to grab your snorkel and plunder to the bottom of the sea. The game is full of bumper bonus features and unique game mechanics to help maximise your enjoyment. With 720 ways to win, players will be mad to miss out on this one.

The game set up is different to most slot games, with an unfamiliar presentation of the 5 reels. There are 5 symbols on the middle reel and the number of symbols begins to decrease as you move to the sides of the game. Players can spin the reels for as little as 60 credits per spin, with coin values ranging from £1 to £50 per spin. Ultimately, this means that any type of players can enjoy this one within any set budget.

The game engine of the Pacific Paradise also features the iconic MultiWay Xtra feature that will have players drowning in excitement.  MultiWay Xtra allows players to find matching combinations from left to right and right to left and there are effectively no paylines, you just have to land matching symbols on adjacent symbols!

On the reels the exotic underwater creatures are joined on the reels by some special symbols, for instance, the classic wild symbol. Covered by the Pacific Paradise logo, the Wild symbol has the ability to substitute for all other symbols in the game, except the other bonus symbols. The Wild symbol is accompanied on the reels by the jellyfish symbol, which is another bonus symbol that can supply a round of free spins for the players.

When 5 jellyfish symbols appear across the 5 reels, players will earn themselves 10 free spins. The screen will change and players will play with more confidence knowing that these spins aren’t costing them a penny!

There is also an extra bonus features in the Pacific Paradise slot game in the form of Dual Symbols. This is also an uncommon feature but can still be very rewarding for players. Fish will randomly appear in twos, meaning if they appear in a payline this will boost the payout and also can multiply your winnings even further!

The school of fish are waiting for you on the reels and this underwater paradise is just a dive away!