Sun Bingo Countdown to Christmas!!

sunbingochristmasWhen it comes to promotions, jackpots and giveaways nobody does it better than Sun Bingo! This month they've launched a brand new campaign called Countdown to Christmas which is absolutely at bursting point with pressies and goodies that all have to go by December 24th!

There is so much stuff up for grabs that you'll be thrilled when you see what's on offer – LCD TV's, iPod Touches, PS3's and much, much more. And being in with a chance of winning could not be any easier. All you have to do is just spend £2 on bingo or £10 on slots in a day and every day 10 lucky winners will scoop the prize of the day.

You can even check out the daily prize by clicking on the Christmas tree baubles on Sun Bingo so if there's something you're totally desperate for then you'll know when to play.

Of course there's more to Sun Bingo than just this Christmas giveaway – join today and they'll give you 100% cash match bonus. So make a first deposit of £10 and get £20 to play with! Fastest way to double your money ever…

Mecca Bingo 12 Days of Christmas

meccachristmasMecca Bingo have gone all out this Christmas with tonnes of new promotions which could make you a very happy bingo and slots player if you get playing. Their newest promo is a Jackpot fest and it couldn't be easier!

From the 1st December to the 12th there will be daily jackpots of £50 to £500 every 15 minutes with a guaranteed daily prize pool total of at least £3,250. And, best of all, the tickets for these games are even cheaper and start from as little as 5p.

Over the 12 days, Mecca Bingo will be giving away a whopping £39,000!!!!! Games start at 7.30pm everyday in Two Little Ducks or Key to the Door rooms and the jackpots will rise every 15 minutes, so what are you waiting for – get yourself to Mecca Bingo NOW!!!


Mecca Bingo X Factor Ticket Giveaway

meccaxfactorIf you're as addicted to X Factor as we are then this is definitely the Christmas promotion for you! On Mecca Bingo, from the 1st December to the 12th players that spend £10 on X Factor Steps to Stardom slot game will get an entry into their ticket giveaway for the X Factor Tour 2010 which includes meeting the starts of X Factor 2009, and if you win, they will try and get you tickets to your closest venue.

There are 14 pairs of tickets up for grabs and every £10 spent gets the players one entry into the prize draw. You can enter this promotion as many times as you like and the more you enter the better your chances of winning!

The winners will be drawn on December 15th so it could be a very, very merry Christmas for some of our lucky Mecca Bingo players this year!


Online Bingo Chat Terms

Bingo Chat TermsGG, GLA and ROFL if you have no clue what these online bingo chat terms mean then I can explain! Nearly all online bingo halls have a ‘chat' facility – Players can use this to communicate to each other during a game.

As bingo action happens very quick, most players using a kind of short hand to speed things up, it's a bit like teenagers and txting. Bingo chat acronyms can be very confusing to new player. So we've have put together a list of the most common ones used online.

Live chat is one of the best features of playing bingo online, you can make some great friends online and sometimes it can lead to even more! Lots of men play online bingo too! It pays to make an effort to get involved in the chat too, often a bingo site will give away free bingo tickets and prizes to those who actively chat lots. Jackpot Joy Bingo is one of the best and funniest bingo chat rooms.

AFAIK…. As far as I know
AFK…. Away from keyboard
AFK2P…. Away from keyboard (to pee)
ASAP…. As soon as possible
BB…. Be back later
BF…. Boyfriend
BLNT…. Better luck next time
BRB…. Be right back
BTW…. By the way
CYA…. See ya
CYAL8R…. See ya all later
FWIW…. For what it's worth
FYI…. For your information
GF…. Girlfriend
GG…. Good going (good game)
GL…. Good luck
GLA…. Good luck all
GLE…. Good luck everyone
GMTA….Great minds think alike
GTSY…. Good to see you
H&A…. Hug and kiss
HB…. Hurry back
IGP…. I gotta pee
JK…. Just kidding
JMO…. Just my opinion
JTLYK…. Just to let you know
KIT…. Keep in touch
L8R…. Later
L8R G8R…. Later gator

Crown Bingo 12 Days of Christmas

crownbingo300‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la…and Crown Bingo have put together a Christmas extravaganza where you could win one of 12 amazing prizes just in time for the big day!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself to Crown Bingo every evening to Room 2 for the game that starts at 21.03pm to be in with a chance to scoop a pressie guaranteed to make your Christmas even better than you planned.

And if that wasn't enough CM Santa will be spreading Christmas Joy throughout Crown Bingo this December and popping in to Room 1, 2 or 3 wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! The first Roomie to wish him a Merry Christmas when he enters the room wins £5 bingo bonus!

1. Wednesday December 2nd (21:03 Room 2) – HD ready TV
2. Friday December 4th (21:03 Room 2) – £100 TicketMaster
3. Sunday December 6th (21:03 Room 2) – Nintendo Wii
4. Tuesday December 8th (21:03 Room 2) – Red Letter Day – Ferrari Driving Thrill
5. Thursday December 10th (21:03 Room 2) – Digital Camera
6. Saturday December 12th (21:03 Room 2) – Shopping Spree
7. Monday December 14th (21:03 Room 2) – iPod touch
8. Wednesday December 16th (21:03 Room 2) – Weekend Break Away (£300)
9. Friday December 18th (21:03 Room 2) – Netbook/Laptop
10. Sunday December 20th (21:03 Room 2) – Red Letter Day – Gourmet Escape for Two
11. Tuesday December 22nd (21:03 Room 2) – Sim Free Mobile Phone
12. Thursday December 24th (21:03 Room 2) – Red Letter Day – Pampering Day

Mecca Bingo Jackpot Must Be Won

Mecca Bingo JackpotTime is running out at Mecca bingo with its huge £50,000 jackpot still unclaimed.  With just three days left, one lucky Mecca fan must win by Monday night!

Launched on 14th November as part of Mecca Bingo’s ‘Be Lucky’ campaign, members can claim this latest £50,000 cash prize by simply visiting Mecca Bingo and playing any standard 90 ball bingo game. The jackpot must be won in the next 72 hours and to ensure one lucky winner claims it, from Monday 30th November, Mecca Bingo will make it even easier to win by increasing the number of balls called every 30 minutes from 4pm.

The luck will also be spread amongst the remaining players in the room at the time the jackpot is claimed, by sharing out a community bonus of £5,000, giving everyone something to celebrate! Oh and keep an eye out for Mecca’s brand new television advert, celebrating almost 50 years of handing out prizes to lucky players. Showing nationwide now, you can’t miss the huge pink boxes and the catchy theme tune “Luck be a lady”!

For your chance to get lucky and win big this weekend, visit Mecca Bingo now. You can also read our full review of Mecca Bingo here.

Winning At Online Bingo

jpjgenericbingoBingo is the very popular past-time that has become more accessible due to its prominence on the internet. Sitting at home in front of a computer might not be viewed by some as the best way to have fun and interact with others, but online bingo is a surprisingly friendly leisure pursuit with people from all walks of life chatting and socialising throughout the game.

There are of course plenty of tips to being more successful when you play such as finding a game that isn’t overcrowded in order to get a better shot at the jackpot! Remember though that the larger the group, the larger the prize is likely to be. Smaller games also give you a better opportunity to chat to your fellow players, and provide you with the chance to get advice from more seasoned players.

Online bingo also has the huge advantage of enabling you to play loads of cards at once, thereby increasing your chances of winning – imagine trying to mark hundreds of cards at a time by hand! Playing bingo online also allows you to choose to have your bingo cards auto-marked by the computer and the tickets are generally much cheaper than in the bingo halls and cost, on average, around 10p, so you definitely won’t break the bank by having a game!

However, if you are looking for bigger prizes, try playing games that have higher priced cards or look for offers where the jackpots are guaranteed. There are always great deals on offer – some bingo sites offer welcome bonuses, for example Jackpot Joy Bingo offer a 100% cash match up to £100, while Paddy Power Bingo offers buy one game card, get one free deals!!!

Just remember that bingo is purely a game for fun, and it should be remembered that it is at the end of the day, a game of chance! There is nothing you can do or skill you can acquire that will make you a better winner, so play for fun – if you win it’s a bonus!

Keep Your Eye’s On The Bingo Prize

bingocallerMillions of people are going crazy over bingo! It seems odd to some considering the fact that the prizes you can win from bingo are sometimes a lot less than you could win from other online casino games such as poker or slots. That is not to say that the prizes aren’t good, as they can range from £5 to £10,000 – reaching up to the hundreds of thousands for some tournament games.

There are also non-cash prizes – for example Foxy Bingo currently have promotion where you can win a cruise! Believe me, to a lot of women that sounds like heaven!! and Jackpot Joy Bingo are running a competition to win tickets to the live XFactor show. But it has to be admitted if it was simply the prizes that lured in the punters then bingo would be far outstripped popularity wise, by other online casino games.

However it is not just the prizes that lure us in! It’s the fun and camaraderie! Many games online are played simply for the gambling aspect, whereas bingo does not focus on this – it is the social aspect that appeals to many – you might start off as a stranger to everyone else but you quickly make friends! Everyone is so helpful and everyone wants all the other players to do well, learn about the site, the games and have a good old natter! The prizes are just a bonus! Losing doesn’t break anyone’s heart, or bank balance (!), and playing bingo online is considered a hobby – not a gambling addiction!! While the big bingo sites do offer ever greater prizes, due to competition from other sites, it has to be recognised that as long as there are chatrooms, and other players to get along with, then there will always be people playing bingo online!

If you have never played bingo either at a ‘real’ bingo hall or online then there is a little to learn before you proceed – but don’t worry, there isn’t much and it’s not at all difficult! It’s FUN! Most bingo sites have a page dedicated to telling you the rules and intricacies of the game depending on what way they do things at that particular site.

Here are some basic and important things you need to know before playing online bingo:
You will have to set up an account, which means depositing some funds so that you can start playing. Most sites give you sign up incentives – Jackpot Joy Bingo are currently matching any deposit you make from £10 ~ £100, in other words doubling your money. Adding funds is easy and can be done with a debit or credit card. If you are a bit of an online game newbie, don’t worry about this – all the bingo sites listed by me have been checked for security, fairness and game quality.

If you’re not too confident there are always free bingo games for you to start out in and get into your stride! But remember the golden rule of bingo – you’re there to have fun!

Short History Of Bingo

Old Bingo HallThe history of the humble bingo game can be traced back to the great Italy city states of the 1500s. ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia’ was the first ‘National Lottery' which was played every week. From Italy, the game spread to provincial France and was known as ‘Le Lotto’ where it proved very popular amongst the rich French merchant classes. The Germans put an educational spin on the game and used it to teach children basic maths.

Bingo was mainly played in European fair grounds – the booth owner would pull numbered tokens randomly from a box and players would mark their cards with beans, hence the game became known as Beano. The first player to cover a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line on their card with beans would shout ‘Beano!,’ and claim a prize. Sometime in the 1930s a salesmen named Edwin Lowe from America came across the game in a Germany city, and decided to bring the idea back to the U.S. with him. On arrival back in the U.S. Lowe showed the game to his friends, one of them got quite excited when she won and called out ‘Bingo!’ instead of ‘Beano!,’ and the name stuck!

Lowe released a version of the game with a 12 and 24 card set, costing just a dollar or two dollars for the 24 card set. The game was a smash hit and spread quickly around the States, mainly being used to raise money for charitable causes by priests in Pennsylvania, but there was a problem in that the cards were delivering too many winners rather than the desired one or two, as previously they hadn’t been played by groups of players. The priest employed the services of a university mathematician at Colombia University, Carl Leffler, who invented 6000 different bingo card numerical variations. Bearing in mind there were no computers to help complete this task, the poor mathematician was driven insane – but the result was that there was now just one winner per bingo game.

Bingo didn’t become widely acknowledged until 1960, when the Gaming Act permitted such games to be played in members-only establishments. In 1968 a Gaming Board was set up to regulate Bingo clubs and another act was passed which allowed clubs to play bingo with cash prizes via tabletop coin slots. Bingo proved so popular that Bingo Halls were set up in all major towns in the UK, many of which still exist or have been revived in recent years.

Many people tried to imitate Lowe’s bingo game, but as he did not own the game, he asked that his competitors pay him $1 a year in return for using the name Bingo. This has resulted in Bingo being the generic name of all the variations of the game that exist today, including online bingo.

Online bingo has become extremely popular and figures released in 2007 by Global betting and Gaming Consultants, in a single year online Bingo generated wins of over £70 million, and it is predicted that the expected return on Bingo wins will reach £164 million by the year 2013! Bingo broadly appeals to women, with 85% of all online players being women. If you'd like to try online bingo for yourself then Jackpot Joy Bingo is the best place to play, you can join for free, you get a matched cash bonus on your first real money deposit and even regular games where the tickets are free.

Bingo Games & Patterns

Bingo CardsSome people think of bingo as being the same basic game which is played in exactly the same way from one bingo hall to another and one online bingo site to another. Nothing could be further from the truth! There are variations on the bingo game with differing rules, structures and patterns to suit different tastes. Two of the most common differentiations in the game are 75 Ball Bingo and 90 Ball Bingo.

75 Ball Bingo is the most popular form of the game in America, where up to 75 balls are called from 5 columns of fifteen balls, each column corresponding to one of the bingo letters. The bingo cards that are used in this version of the game have twenty-five squares, five across and five down and each column is marked with a bingo letter. Each square has a random number on it, ranging from numbers 1 to 75. To win at 75 Ball Bingo you have to be the first player to match the game pattern on your card with the balls called out. There is a huge combination of the patterns on the cards and there are static, corners, coverall and variable varieties.

90 Ball Bingo is the traditional bingo game of the United Kingdom and Australia and is similar to other forms of the game in that the customer buys cards and mark out the numbers that they have as they are called out. The player to complete the pattern is the winner. The difference between 75 and 90 Ball Bingo is the set up of the cards – in 90 Ball Bingo the cards have 3 rows and 9 columns, and 5 squares in each row contain some numbers from 1 to 90 as opposed to just 75. The winning patterns are always identical and there are 3 patterns in each game, each of which will have a prize associated with it. You can try out both types of bingo online at Jackpot Joy Bingo and also the excellent Sun Bingo website.

It is therefore always important to ensure that you know which pattern you’re playing!

  • The Static pattern is a standard and well-known bingo pattern which cannot be changed or alternated and can only be won when each cell is marked on the bingo card.
  • The Variable pattern is where variable patterns can be rotated in 90 degree increments.
  • The Four corners pattern is where the player has to get the numbers at the four corners of the board in order to win the prize.
  • The Coverall is sometimes called the ‘Blackout’ and is where players have to cover all numbers on their board. There is often a jackpot with this game where the prizes change the more calls that are made.
  • The Wild pattern are bingo cards with scattered patterns that stay in the same place but may be anywhere on the card.

These are just a few of the patterns that you will find in bingo, others include: Diamond, Checkmark, Bowtie, Barbell, Block of 8, Arrowhead, Airplane, Loveletter….. the list goes on and on.


How To Win At Bingo

There are many different approaches that one could take to try and win at Bingo, but really it all boils down to pure luck! However there are strategies that could give you a bit of a better chance of winning and put the odds in your favour.

Get Your Bonus Cash First

Before you start spending your own money playing bingo games make sure you take advantage of ‘Welcome Bonuses' – Mecca Bingo, Jackpot Joy Bingo and Sun bingo all offer fantastic cash bonuses to new players, don't miss out on a welcome bonus worth between £20 and £200, check out the latest bingo deals here.

Find Big Payouts

Find the best games – find the games that are most favourable in terms of payouts. Yes, bingo is fun but it is always best to have the best odds possible! This information is not always advertised but if you can determine the best percentage payoffs when you have a choice of games then this will give you the best chances of winning! Jackpot Joy Bingo and Mecca Bingo have some of the best value bingo games online.

Manage That Bingo Cash

Manage your money – Limit the amount you spend on your cards to what you can afford – and stick to it! Don’t get too carried away, even though you are not handing over ‘physical’ money, it is still coming out of your bank account!

Don't Play Too Many Cards

The more cards you play the bigger chance you have of scooping the jackpot! But it doesn't guarantee you'll win, you might even get less back than you paid for the cards. Therefore make sure you play the number of cards that give you the most pleasure and stay within your comfort zone both emotionally and financially!

It might be worth buying more cards than you usually would in games with guaranteed minimum jackpots, where the total number of players is low. Lunchtime games at Jackpot Joy Bingo can have fewer than 10 players – yet the special jackpot is still a whooping £10,000! Also check the single card price against the full house jackpot on offer, you'll often find lower priced cards pay the same jackpot as the more expensive ones.

Stick To The Bingo Games

Nowadays most bingo sites offer side games such as online slot machines to their players, and whilst these slots are great fun to play they tend to empty your bingo account quicker than just about anything else! My advice is just stick to playing bingo games, leave the slots to the hardcore gamblers.

Be Lucky & Enjoy Yourself!

There is absolutely no point in getting involved in bingo if you are not playing it to have fun. Bingo is after all a game which is played to be sociable, hence the huge community/forum/chatroom groups on most online bingo sites. If you are just in the game to win then you are missing out on the opportunity of meeting lots of other bingo fans, who, whilst love shouting ‘bingo,’ also love the thrill of the chat!