90 Minute Rule – How Extra Time Affects Your Football Bet

One aspect of football betting that really confuses punters is the 90 minute betting rule. In this quick article I’ll attempt to clear up any confusion you might have.

The first distinction we need to make is between League Games and Cup Competitions, a league match in the United Kingdom cannot enter ‘Extra-Time’.

The result between two teams stands at the end of  90 minutes PLUS  any time the referee has added. So when you see a bet advertised as ’90 Mins Only’ what this really means for UK League games is: 90 minutes plus time added on by the referee for stoppages. If your team is drawing 1-1 at 90 mins but grabs a 94 minute goal with the last kick of the game – then the bet is settled as a 2-1 win. If you’ve backed your team to win the match, you’ve landed the bet.


The confusion starts when you place a bet on a Cup game or International knock tournament like the World Cup. Let’s say you’ve backed England to win a World Cup quarter final (stop laughing!). These games CAN go into extra time and penalties, so if you’ve backed England in the standard ‘Win Market’ (this is how most people bet) then the result at the end of the 90mins PLUS injury time (time added by the ref for stoppages) will be the final result for the official 90 minute game period and bets will be settled by the bookmakers accordingly, regardless of what happens in Extra-Time (2×15 min Halves) or a penalty shoot out.

So you need to be wary of backing your team to win in the F.A. Cup and later stages of the Champions League. Your team could win in extra time or on penalties and you’ll still lose that bet.


What most people don’t realise is you can easily get around the 90 min problem. Instead of backing your team in the standard ‘win market’ just look for different types of bets which remove the possibilities of a match ending as a draw. Paddy Power Bookmakers offer a number of these bets: Including backing your team to ‘Qualify’ for the next round, that guarantees a winning bet no matter how your team scrapes through. Or select the ‘Draw No Bet’ option, this guarantees your original stake back if the match ends in a draw after 90 mins (plus stoppages). It's also worthing noting that Betfair Bookmaker allows you to cash out football bets anytime during a match.

Paddy Power is one of the best bookies for football bets, they offer a massive range of bets on every level of football in the UK and worldwide. New customers also get a tasty sign-up bonus worth £30! Now you know how to avoid making a costly mistakes, you can tackle the bookies with confidence.


The final seconds of a big game can be excruciating to watch, especially if you've had a bet on the outcome. Over the years fans have witnessed some incredible drama in the dying seconds of a match.

Who can forget the Champions League Final in 1999 when Ole Gunnar Solskjear sealed a dramatic victory for Manchester United with a last second strike that will go down as one of the greatest goals of all time for United fans. Nevertheless, spare a thought for those Bayern Munich fans who came within 60 seconds of winning the Champions League final.

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