Blackjack TipsAs a Gamehunter, I don't just go out and look for great sites or the best deals on bonuses. I also try to give you the best tips and advice on how to win at the games you play. If you're new to Blackjack then you'll want to know the pitfalls before you risk your money. The best way you can do this is to learn the mistakes that people make and make sure you avoid them!

Just remember that blackjack isn't a game of luck; knowing how to play the game, using developed strategies and tips will all give you an advantage over the house and beat the casinos.

Generally the casino has a 2%-3% advantage over players at the Blackjack table (Betfair Casino has no house edge!) which believe it or not is pretty good given that the house advantage for some of their other games is much higher. But did you know that blackjack tables are the second highest source of revenue for casinos? Maybe it's just me but it does seem a little strange – how exactly does a game with such good odds for players bring in so much revenue for the casino?

There's a simple answer – too many mistakes by players that are made through ignorance or just plain silliness. When the odds are in the player's favour it's easy to take on a ‘beat the house' attitude and unfortunately end up losing instead. In the end, all that happens is the errors mount up and casinos increase their revenue!

  • Look for tables that are compatible with your bankroll. If you have £50 to play with, then look for somewhere where the minimum bets are no more than 5% of your stash i.e. less than £2.50 min bets.
  • Winning with less than a total of 17 is difficult as it requires the Dealer to ‘Bust’ – at least with 17 or more in your hand you can still possibly ‘Push’ and make your money back.
  • Take a hit on any hand below 17 when the dealer shows ace, K, Q, J, 10, 9, or 8,
  • To double the opportunity of winning, you can ‘Split’ if you are dealt two cards of the same value. This doubles the bet but also doubles the possibility of winning.
  • Never split 10's or 5's.
  • Always split 8's or 7's against a dealer's card of equal or lower value.

These tips will be quite basic for anybody who is used to playing the game but they are only meant for beginners who are new to the game. If you can keep them in mind and use them during play you could find yourself on the receiving end of a nice little windfall. Now check out some of the other blackjack tips below.