Interested in getting into playing on slot machines, either in casinos or online, but worried about some of the things you have heard about them? Well let us dispel some of the myths that surround them…..

Slot machines are for the small time, second-class citizens of the gambling world: FALSE. This may have been true many years ago when complimentary bonuses were indeed handed out to those players who used tables as opposed to slot machines, but it is no longer the case. Slot machines now account for more than seventy percent of casinos revenue, and slot players are therefore respected and given the same kind of bonuses as other players.

There is no point in playing on a machine or in a game where someone has just hit a jackpot as it won’t pay out again for a long time: FALSE. Slot machines just do not work like that, as much as the casino managers may like it! The games run on a Random Number Generator, which is constantly, even when the game is not being played, running through numbers. The numbers correspond to the stops on the wheel that display the symbols that you as a player see when the reel stops. When you press the spin button the Random Number Generator picks the combination at that very millisecond, so whether you win or lose is dependent on the combination that the Generator is cycling through at that particular moment. For this reason it makes no difference whether someone else, or you for that matter have just had a win on the game, and by the same token this means that a game or machine is never ‘due’ a win!

The game will pay out more often if only one coin is bet at a time: FALSE. The game itself, be it real or virtual, has no clue how much money you have put into the game. The spin will be the same regardless of the amount you have bet on it.

Casinos can change the payout of a slot machine at their will: FALSE The machines are not easily programmable as they have a chip in them which determines the payout percentage, which cannot be changed by the casino. The payback percentage will have been set in the factory when the chip was installed, and the relevant paperwork would have to be sent to the Gambling Commission if the chip were to be changed. This is not only time consuming, it is also extremely expensive for the new chip, so you can see why casinos would not bother doing it – they would much rather decide on the payout percentage at the time of purchase and be done with it.

If you bet small, you will only win small: FALSE. One of the main reasons whey slots are so popular is that you could win a hell of a big jackpot which just a tiny bet.

So there you have it – our very own mini Mythbusters! Check out our Free Game and Beginners Guide below to get you ready to play for real and raise your chances to win.

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