When playing online scratchies as opposed to paper – you can enjoy much more benefits including bonuses, game variety and better winning odds.

Online Scratch Cards are better than Paper Scratch Cards?

Back in the day the only way you could get your hands on a scratch card was to go to you your local store but now – there’s no need you can enjoy some scratch card fun sitting in your house making everything as convenient as possible for you.  We thought we would give you the top reasons as to why online scratch cards are better than paper ones.


If you pop to the shops to get a scratch card – you will just have to pay the going rate but if you shop around on the web for a scratch card site you can get bonuses that will give you a bit of extra bang for your buck.  So essentially – you will be getting much more for your money – and the more scratch cards you can buy- the better the chance you have of scooping a prize!  You can also get no deposit bonuses so you can try the games out before you spend any money on them – you couldn’t do that if purchasing from a shop.

Game Variety

When going to the shop to get your online scratchie fix – there definitely will be a limited choice.  The online scratch card world is your oyster!  You will find games to suit any kind of theme and any wagering requirement too – so you are bound to have much more fun.  Some sites allow you to try the games in demo mode too – so you can have a browse and look for your favourite.  You will also be treated to top graphics further enhancing your gaming experience.

Winning Chances

You will find that some sites make claims such as “every 3rd card wins” so as you can imagine the odds are much better there than what they would be with paper scratch cards.  The fact that you can change your bet amount and scratch card as you wish also will affect not only your winning chances but how much you can win.  For example if you bet max- you can aim for a better prize.

Overall Experience

The fact that you can choose the scratch card you want, enjoy great graphics and alter your wagering as and when required.  All of these benefits combined – allow you to have a fantastic overall scratch card experience.