Tips and Tricks for Winning At Bingo

Bingo is largely a game of chance and luck, with no real way of predicting when the winning numbers will appear. That being said, there are a few practical ways in which you can maximise your odds of winning, and we explore those here.

Buy More Cards

This is a simple strategy, but it’s also effective. If you buy a single card, and the player next to you does the same, you both have an equal chance of winning. If you buy 7 cards on the other hand, your chances of beating the player next to you increase by 700%. It’s simple mathematics.

It is important to note on this point however that you should never buy more cards than you can properly focus on at once. If you’re looking at too many cards, it’s easy to miss numbers when they come up, and this could cost you the game.

Minimize Your Competition

Whether you’re playing online, or at a live Bingo hall, it’s always advisable to find the games with the least number of players. Unlike the online slots Canada has to offer, the less people playing Bingo, the better.

Even though it’s tempting to go for the games offering the biggest jackpots, you need to bear in mind that those games will always be the most popular, and have the largest number of players. This means that the jackpot is split across a bigger number, so the final prizes will always be smaller.

Try instead to find games with smaller jackpots, as these will always have less players, and also a smaller number of splits in the prize.

Pick Your Cards Carefully

Try and select cards that have an even distribution of numbers on them. As their name implies, random number generators select numbers at random, so having a wider variety of numbers within the range will give you a better chance of winning.

Set Yourself A Budget

Although Bingo is one of the most cost-effective casino games, it’s still easy to get carried away when you are on a winning streak. Set yourself a budget that you can afford before you begin and stick to it. This will minimize your chances of making a loss on the game.

Quit While You Are Ahead

As with setting yourself a budget, it’s also a good idea to quit while you are ahead. Even if you are on a big winning streak, the fact that Bingo is a game of chance, and the numbers are completely random does mean that there is no guarantee that a winning streak will last. If you have money in the bank, it is best to stop playing before your luck turns.

Shop Around

If you are playing online, Bingo sites are well known for their generous offers and promotions. There are a wide variety of sites available to players; consequently there is a lot of competition between sites to entice new players to join, and loyal customers to stay. Shop around before you settle on a site on which to play, and make sure you take advantage of the very best offers around.

Avoid Alcohol

Fuzzy heads and focusing on numbers do not mix, and although casino themed cocktails may seem like the ideal complement to your gaming, steer clear. It’s best to keep a clear head while playing Bingo, so avoid alcohol while you are playing. This will allow you to concentrate 100%, and also to avoid getting emotional if you happen to lose a game, which will prevent bad decisions based on emotions.

How Well Do You Know Bingo? Put It To The Test

Having all the bingo knowledge in the world is great, but if you never test yourself then it counts for virtually nothing. Yes, before you start gambling you need to have the knowledge. But, once you've got it, you need to test it.

According to recent research, experiential learning is the best way to learn a new set of skills. From giving you opportunities to be creative and reflect on your experience to actually accelerating the learning process, the benefits of experiential learning are well-known.

Unfortunately, when you're new in the game it can be a costly process trying to test out your theories. But there are some ways around this. Online bingo sites offer a myriad of ways to play for free and all you have to do is complete some simple tasks in order to access them.

Play for Free

One of the most common online bingo bonuses is the deposit bonus. By funding your new account for the first time with a set amount of money, you can earn free credits (which can be used to buy into real money games) and, more importantly, free game tickets.


It's often the case that the major online bingo operators will offer freerolls or beginners rooms which don't cost anything to enter but have small prizes attached to them.

You should also see them as a training ground. Like any gambling game, whether it's roulette, blackjack, slots or poker, bingo has its own nuances and understanding them all often takes time. By investing some time in an online bingo site's freerolls, you not only get a chance to run through the rules, but test out various strategies.

Quiz Yourself

Aside from actually playing bingo for free, you can also test out your bingo knowledge by taking some online tests. When you navigate to a site with such an option you'll find a series of articles and quizzes that will get you thinking about the game in more depth.


For example, if you really want to know “how strong” your bingo game is, Winkly, the weekly online magazine from Wink Bingo, has an on-site quiz which tests your knowledge of two little ducks, what it means to be halfway there and what number you'd be looking at if the announcer calls for your “old age pension”.

Essentially, if there's a part of the game you're unfamiliar with and then want to test yourself on, you can find a site, fill your brain with information and then go through a series of quizzes to see how you do.

Becoming a better bingo player is a two-part equation that involves one-part knowledge, one-part experience. Obviously, the more you play the more experience you'll gain.

However, if you're new to the game and don't want to pay for the privilege of getting some experience, you need to take advantage of freerolls and online tests.

Using these resources, both of which are innovations of the online bingo world, is the best way to solve the bingo equation and get more out of the game.

Gala Chinese Kitchen Game

If you’re a fan of Chinese food or you just like the whole Asian style then you’re going to love playing the Chinese Kitchen game over at Gala Bingo & Casino games.

Set inside a bustling Chinese kitchen this game is a fun and frantic slot game that will keep you constantly on edge as you try to win big with the various strange-looking Chinese dishes they have stored away inside the reels.

The design of this game really is quite something, it has this hilarious cartoon style to it as you sit and watch two Chinese chefs busy themselves over pots that are bubbling and boiling away. It’s quite immersive and you can almost smell the delicious meals that they might be serving to customers just off-screen.

The highlight of this slots design is the various dishes they have stuck inside the reels, there are things like starfish on top of rice platters, roasted duck, caterpillar snails and fish. There are even traditional crab dishes and even some turtles that have been set aside for you to snack on.

In terms of the gameplay mechanics of this slot, it takes a rather unique and pretty interesting approach. Instead of having five reels to play with and a large number of paylines to use, they keep things simple by presenting you with only three reels to use and inside of these reels are eight paylines that you can create combinations with. It’s an interesting approach to gameplay, but it’s easy to pick up once you’ve spun the reels a couple of times.

Your controls are also kept pretty simple in this slot as all eight of those paylines are rendered permanently active, so you can only control the size of your wager one each spin. In this case you can stake between 1p and £200, this makes it fairly open to a range of gambling budgets.

So you can keep things simple by placing small bets or if you want to hit those big jackpot prizes you could go all out and bet the maximum amount on each round to make sure you get more from your money on each spin! They also provide you with the option to choose between spinning each reel manually or setting it up to turn through a few rounds automatically with autoplay.

This is a great feature as it means you can sit and click away on the spin button or you can let it run for you whilst you go off and do something else or just browse the internet with it running in the background.

If you’re new to slot games you will find this game perfect as they keep everything simple and easy, so you don’t have to worry about messing around with different tabs and buttons to get your game set up.

This slot comes with a recommendation from us, it has a hilarious and rather cartoonish Chinese design, gameplay is simple and we guarantee that this game will keep you occupied for hours. Don't forget you can also enjoy a raft of bingo games at Gala too, play on your laptop or on your phone with New player bonuses are waiting for bingo and slots fans who join Gala this month.

Gala Casino – up to £400 Cash Match Bonus

Join Gala Casino and get up to £400 as a New Player Sign Up Bonus.

Available to new customers only unless otherwise stated; wagering requirements and other terms & conditions apply.

Bingo Fun at Jackpot Joy

If you’re looking for fun, new friends and loads of chances to win cash and prizes then Jackpot Joy is the online bingo site for you. You’ll never be bored with this site which has over 100 games to choose from so you’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice.

The variety of bingo, casino games and a great choice of the latest and most popular online slot games they offer will keep you coming back for more.

For the traditionalists there are plenty of 90 and 75 ball bingo games, as well as plenty of games exclusive to Jackpot Joy, such as Bingo Royale and Bejeweled Bingo.

Bingo Royale offers you extra chances to win and at the end of the normal game if the Queen is in her Palace she could issue a Royal Pardon which means 5 extra balls will be called to create even more winners. Everyone who wins during these extra numbers will receive a share of the Royal Pardon Jackpot.

It’s no wonder Jackpot Joy bingo is one of the UK's most popular online bingo sites. You only need to deposit £10 to begin playing and claim you’re Welcome Bonus reward of £25. You can play for guaranteed prize money of over £20,000 every day in the Super Links game, or open a door in the festive Advent of Fun calendar for cash prizes and special offers.

If you fancy a change from bingo games, check out the amazing collection of fast moving single and multi line slot games on offer. Play the Million Pound Drop with a top payout of £26,000, or try your hand at Deal or No Deal which has been responsible for Jackpot Joy’s biggest ever payout – a very handy £1.96 million!

Make sure you look out for The Christmas Jackpot Tree between Wednesday 10th December – Tuesday 16th December where the Queen of Bingo has hidden the Jackpot Balls in her Royal Christmas tree! Start at the bottom and search up the tree to find all 8 hidden Jackpot Balls to win a share of £25,000.

All you have to do to join in is wager at least £5 on any game during the promotional period to qualify!

Online Bingo Is Stress Free

There are often tales of woe that come from the bingo halls around the world. Tales of pensioners fighting over a lucky seat or someone making too much noise during a game aren’t exactly unusual. There was even a case of a woman trying to sell her Avon products during a game and the reaction by another player was so extreme it meant that the police had to be called to calm the situation down.

And just last week in the UK, a bingo winner missed out on a £10,000 jackpot simply because the caller did not hear him shout ‘bingo’. Ronald Price from Fens in Cambridgeshire was playing a national link-up game at his local bingo hall in Wisbech and shouted bingo when he had completed his card. However, as the caller didn’t hear him, play continued and the game was won moments later by another player in another bingo hall somewhere else in the country. With stories like that, it’s not surprising that so many people choose to play bingo online these days at sites like Gala, 32Red, Mirror Bingo and Tidy Bingo, where the whole experience is stress-free.

Not only that, you also get plenty of incentives to sign up to a bingo site. For a start, there’s the welcome bonus, which varies depending on which site you join. At new players who put in £10 will receive a 300% bonus so that they have a total of £40 to play with. All the major bingo sites offer similar deals, but it’s always worth checking the terms and conditions so that you understand fully how the money can be used.

So why is that online bingo should be less stressful than bingo hall bingo? For a start, there’s no need to concentrate on the number calls and hurriedly mark off matching numbers on your cards. The auto-daub feature that you can choose to use will mark the numbers off for you. This means that no matter how many cards you are playing, you can relax and just watch your cards’ progress, or do something else entirely while the game plays through.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a winning card, you don’t need to break into a cold sweat in order to be first to notify the site of your win. The software logs any wins automatically, so had Ronald Price been playing online bingo, his win would have definitely been taken into account. Not only that, but any win funds will be credited to your account automatically too.

At bingo halls, there’s a traditional requirement on players to be quiet during the games, and this doesn’t always create the most convivial of atmospheres. People like to play bingo, but also want to have a bit of a chat and a laugh at the same time. Sometimes the atmosphere in a bingo hall is a bit sterile when everyone has their ‘eyes down’. Playing online bingo, you can chat to your heart’s content, albeit that the chatting people do in the bingo chat rooms is done through typing messages to one another. One of the UK’s biggest bingo hall operators, Rank, has taken this idea on board in recent weeks by introducing electronic bingo rooms at their new facility in Reading.

While traditional bingo hall with a bingo caller will still take place, there will be a separate area for people who want to use the bingo tablets that have been installed for people who prefer to play electronic version on the game. They will have the option of marking the numbers off for themselves, or allowing the tablets to do that for them. The hope is that more people will come to bingo halls to socialise and play, rather than just play. It’s an indication of how the popularity of online bingo is having an effect on the traditional game. However, you’d still have the inconvenience of having to get to a bingo hall, and that’s another example of how online bingo is more relaxing than playing at a bingo hall.

Alternative Way To Make Money From Bingo

There are few alternative ways in which you can make money from online bingo – from being a writer, a chat host, or even running an affiliate site

Alternative Earning Options for Bingo Player!

With the bingo market booming in the way that it is, many possibilities for making money have been created.  There are an increasing number of people involved in the industry, which leads to more money being pumped in. Various enterprising bingo players have capitalised on this by getting involved with bingo sites and portals. So, in which ways can you as a bingo player make money from this industry?

Write for Bingo Portals

With so many new bingo sites popping up, there are lots of portals which link you to them.  These sites like to have fresh content on them regularly in order to help SEO rankings and to provide up-to-date information on promotions and news.  There is such a high demand at present for this type of content and this is only going to increase with the online bingo market.
Quality writes can get 3 to 5 pennies a word, so by writing 3 promotional articles in an hour (not very hard task) you can earn around £30!!!

Become a Chat Host

There are lots of new bingo sites being launched every single month.  Today, there are around 300 bingo sites which provide for the UK market.  One of the main ways that bingo sites sell themselves is by creating a strong community feeling, fuelled by personal environment created by the chat rooms.  Each of these chat rooms needs hosts, so as more bingo sites get launched, there will be a higher and higher demand for chat hosts.  Additionally, as bingo sites become more crowded, there may be a need for more chat hosts on each site to maintain personal relationships with players. Average hourly beginner rate stands around £7 and it goes higher if you are doing a good job.

Become an Affiliate

One of the best ways to make money in the bingo industry is to run an affiliate site.  Owners of affiliate sites establish relationships with various bingo sites and place links to them on their site.  Then, the affiliate will fill their site with fresh new content (written by the writers mentioned above), including information on promotions, reviews and bingo news, in an attempt to bring potential players to the site.  Players who visit the site will hopefully then go on to visit the affiliate links and sign up at one of the linked bingo sites.  If they do this, the affiliate will receive a commission for this referral.

Play Bingo For Free Online

Everyone likes a freebie, and the casino and bingo sites are offering plenty of freebies these days in order to win over new players. It used to be that you’d have to put down a little money at least in order to play online bingo, but now you can play real cash games for free with no deposit bonuses.

Click to play no deposit bingo online and you’ll see that you get a small amount of credit that you can use within a certain time period in order to try out the real cash games. It’s a great way of testing out what the different sites have to offer in terms of the games that they have available to play, the quality of the graphics and other things like the chat rooms, where you can make contact with other players online.

Once you’ve played out your no deposit bonus you can decide whether you want to stick with a site or try a different one. And in fact, there’s nothing to stop you moving from site to site, taking advantage of the bonus cash that’s available so that you can enjoy different games for free. However, you should be aware that most bonuses can’t be withdrawn until you have played them through a number of times – this is what’s known as the wagering requirement and you’ll find terms and conditions for each bonus on the sign-up pages.

So really it makes more sense to play on some different bingo sites in practice mode where it’s available so that you find the one you like best, and then decide on one to play at on a longer term basis. This means that you’ll be able to fulfil any wagering requirements and then withdraw bonus funds if you have enough wins to do so, and you’ll also be able to earn loyalty points by playing consistently at one site. Each bingo site offers different reward schemes for its players, but usually you accumulate points each time you play that you can later exchange for extra bingo tickets and other prizes.

One of the main rewards of playing with one site is to have access to the regular free bingo games that are on the site schedule, alongside the paid-for games. For people who have placed a cash deposit in their account, there are all kinds of free games to play, with jackpots that range from 50p to thousands of pounds. And as bingo is a game of chance, you could land one of the big prizes at any time. It’s always worth making sure you’re in with a chance to win when it costs you absolutely nothing to play!

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  Eva the Weaver 

Paddy Power Bingo Promos

Paddy Power’s Bingo Deals

Not only is Paddy Power Bingo a great place to play your favourite game but it’s a great site for deals and bonuses that maximise your money! In fact there are a host of fantastic deals that offer cheap or even free bingo, mega jackpots, prize draws and many other free cash promos. Check out our favourites below:

Summer Daze £1M Jackpots
What are the chances that George Clooney will take you to Barbados this year? Not happening, wake up. What are the chances of winning a slice of £1,000,000 in July? Happening, keep dazing. Paddy Power have 1,000 prizes of £1,000 to be won in July by playing your beloved bingo. There’s no need for George when there’s have bingo. There is a game on the hour and each game has three prizes of £1,000 for 1L, 2L and FH.

£ 2,500 guaranteed!
Every Thursday Paddy Power are giving away big bucks for just 50p! From 8-11pm in the Gold Room, guaranteed jackpots of £500 will go on the hour every hour, while jackpots of £250 will go every half hour! That's a massive £2,500 guaranteed every Thursday! Tickets just 50p!

Saturday Night In And Win
Saturday Night in and Win is back in the Sapphire Room. If you win a Full House on Paddy Power’s special Saturday Night in and Win games you'll win £500. Game times are 9pm, 10pm and 11pm. Even if you can’t join us for the games, you can pre purchase your tickets in the bingo lobby to secure your chance to win big!

Fruit Bingo

Fruit Bingo – A Slot With A Twist

Sometimes a game comes along that combines the great playability of UK pub style slots with another popular game to create something special and this new fruity does just that! With 3 reels and 1 pay-line the game incorporates the popular bingo element with an uncomplicated pub slot that is easy to use and hugely entertaining.

Fruit Bingo offers the usual features of a Pub style slot, there are three reels each with 5 symbols you need to match across the win line. There are also nudge and hold features, nudge gambles, nudge repeats and when you get three Fruit Bingo symbols along a win line you activate the bingo bonus game.

Each deliciously juicy fruit symbol has a differing cash payout won when you match 3 of a kind across the pay line, the cash multipliers range from the lower end of Cherry symbols earning 2x your stake to the higher end of Golden Star symbols earning you a massive 500x your stake. The designers of this game have gone all out to recreate the atmosphere of a UK Pub with great sound effects and colourful graphics and a betting range that begins at 10p per spin to the maximum of £10 per spin which can earn you mega wins!

Bingo Feature

The Fruit Bingo bonus round is launched when you land 3 Fruit Bingo symbols across the pay line, giving you the chance to earn further cash rewards by building winning lines. To start the bonus game click on the spin button and then watch as random symbols appear and are lit up on the paytable, which acts as your bingo card for the bonus round. You win once you fill a line of symbols on the paytable.

Glossy Bingo

New Online Bingo Site Launched

A new online bingo website has been launched this month and now it is time to see if it can follow through with the goods. There are plenty of websites available to choose from these, which is estimated at a growing 250, so it is important that the latest offering has something different to offer.

The new site, which is called Glossy Bingo doesn’t present itself in a Glossy fashion. Those expecting to reach the homepage and be met with flashes of light and sparkles will be wrong in this assumption. The term Glossy must apply to that of a magazine publication, because the homepage is laid out with the aesthetics of the latest Heat, or Now magazine. Each caption on the homepage highlights a particular feature of the site, which is quite inventive.

Glossy Bingo is a Microgaming product, which offers an assortment of games that are relatively limited in design. Online bingo games are standard and there are some decent jackpot prizes which can be played for. Players that look for big deposit bonuses when they join a bingo website will enjoy the free £20 incentive when they make their first deposit of £5. In addition to this, members will also receive second, third and fourth deposit bonuses which amount from between 100% to 300%.

Overall there is not much that differentiates Glossy Bingo from the more established online gambling sites; however it does offer the full gaming experience. One aspect that seems to be a growing trend, and is available at Glossy Bingo, is the VIP program. This gives members the chance to accrue points throughout their membership, which ultimately lead to them increasing their VIP status as well as offering exclusive incentives.

With a bingo market that is close to, if not has already reached, saturation point new bingo sites like Glossy really do have to have something new and exciting to offer the player, or at least a no deposit required bonus to draw in potential members. Sadly for this brand, it has very little to make it stand out from the crowd, especially since most Microgaming websites offer their players a variation of free bingo games.

Paddy Power Bingo App

Paddy Power has just launched its new online bingo app. From now on you can enjoy all your favourite bingo rooms from wherever you choose. On the bus, at work, in bed, in the bath – it's up to you!

The app features a full range of standard bingo games including 90 Ball, 80 Ball, and 75 Ball as well as other favourites like Lucky Numbers Bingo and Deal or No Deal. They've even found room to squeeze in the biggest jackpot slot around, Clover Rollover, plus the ever popular Bingo Scratch. Just remember to use your finger instead of a coin!

Paddy Power bingo is one of the most popular bingo portals on the web. Daily free bingo games can be enjoyed and big cash jackpots can be won for pennies. It's worth noting that when most bingo portals are winding down for the night Paddy Power Bingo is getting the party shoes on! Between 2am and 6am you can join the other night owls in Paddy's Gold Room. Lots of 1TG & 2TG games, Roll On Bingo, BOGOF AND Last Chance Saloon games.

It could still be a big night if you play your bingo cards right!

Mecca Bingo Christmas Promotions

Fill Your Stockings at Mecca This Christmas

Mecca Bingo have pulled out all the stops to make sure their customers have a Merry, Mecca Christmas, a packed programme of Jackpots, Promotions and all the latest Online Games are guaranteed to keep you entertained throughout the festive season.

If you’re not already a member of one of the country’s biggest and best online bingo sites now is the time to sign up and claim a Free Play Bonus of up to £50. Just deposit and play between £5 – £50 and they will match it for you. You can spend your cash bonus on Bingo, Online Slots or Games, join now and take advantage of their Big Winner’s Night on 16th December when Roll On Bingo has extra Full Houses added, with loads of chances to win and cheap ticket prices, this is one you don’t want to miss.

In the run up to Christmas Mecca Bingo are giving away £1 MILLION when you play their specially selected games, starting on Friday 21st December and running right through to Tuesday 1st January, prizes of up to £100k will be won EVERY DAY. Join the festive fun in the Gold Rush and Gold Premium Rooms to play Bingolinx games with a prize of £10k and £6000 Jackpot games, ticket prices start at just 5P.

If like most of us your cashflow is under a little pressure at the moment, then Thursday 20th December is Value Night at Mecca, for one night only ticket prices will be slashed in the Gold Rush and Gold Rush Premium rooms. Tickets will cost between 1P-10P with prizes of up to £1000 to be won, there will be lots of chances to win and it promises to be a brilliant night of Christmas bargain bingo! Mecca’s Christmas Bingo promotions run on well into the New Year and they also have lots of special offers on their extensive selection of side games, take a break from all the madness and check out all the latest ‘prezzies’ on offer at Mecca Bingo.