Hunt the Perfect New Bingo Site

If you’re a bargain hunter or perhaps just a player that wants a top notch place to play then we have just the guide for you! In this article, we’ll be teaching you to hunt for the best new sites and take advantage of all they have to offer.

The first step you want to take is to check out the security of a site, as you want to make sure you don’t get caught out by a scam. This is simple enough, all you need to do is check their licence and perhaps some reviews left on forums by other players. This should inform you on what you can expect when you play there.

Then, you can get around to assessing what exactly they have on offer. You should be taking into account everything from their bonuses to the games that you can play there. You don’t want to get too little of either of these, as they can make your time online boring and not as rewarding as it could be.

If you don’t want to spend time vetting every single site on the market then you can always take a look at this list of new bingo sites with new bonuses for all of the information in one place. There are so many sites coming onto the market nearly every single day, so you want to make sure you’re keeping abreast of the latest ones with lists like these.

If you like to play on the go then you should also check if a site is mobile compatible. Most smartphones will allow you to play with an app that you can download from their app store. Some sites also have a mobile compatible site, or just one of these options. These will usually be instantly playable, so mobile compatible sites can have the edge for some players.

The world of bingo is more diverse than ever, with some sites offering a mixture of casino games, bingo, mini games, instant wins and even hybrid games. Some of them will even give you video guides on how to make the most of them.

With those top tips in mind, why not get out there and start hunting a great new bingo site for yourself! Take everything that you need into account and you’ll be sure to make a splash in the world of online bingo before you know it.

Online Bingo: The Benefits and Basics of Beating the Game

As an industry, bingo has evolved massively over the last decade thanks to the advent of online gaming. The growth of online bingo in recent years has given rise to a new breed of player and a new breed of playing experience.

Gone are the days when players would sit down for a game of 90-ball bingo at the local venue and then go home. It is now possible for number lovers to ante-up via their computer or mobile device and play a plethora of innovative and exciting variants.

While live bingo still focuses on what some would call a “pure experience”, many virtual operators have diversified their products and this has given rise to games such as speed bingo, multi-ball bingo and progressive jackpot bingo. Each of these variants has its own quirks. However, as an industry, the world of virtual bingo has a number of attractive qualities that modern players seem to love.

The Benefits of Online Bingo
Speed and Variety: One of the main reasons online bingo has become so popular in recent years is the speed and variety to which players have access. Unlike live games where it takes three different mixers to easily play three types of bingo, online it's simply a case of implementing certain conditions to a random number generator. Moreover, modern bingo players now see variety and speed as necessary components of the game and this has given operators the ability to innovate and try out new things.

Free Games: Another benefit of playing bingo via your desktop or mobile device is that you can access a range of free games. As noted in the history of bingo, the game has shifted from a somewhat high-cost option (for regular players), to an affordable enterprise from which everyone can not only enjoy but make some serious money.

Bigger Jackpots: The final aspect of online bingo that attracts thousands of punters to the internet every week is the prizes on offer. Every major online bingo operator will have at least one major jackpot. Usually operating on a progressive basis (i.e. it grows as more people play the game), these jackpots are unlocked when a player completes a certain feat and can exceed £1 million in value.

How to Beat Online Bingo
So, now you know that online bingo is a modern gaming marvel, the next logical question is whether it be profitable. Although there is an element of luck involved in the game, there are some tactics you can employ to improve your chances of success. One of the most notable is the one proposed by noted mathematician Joseph E. Granville.

Granville outlined a number of simple steps that, potentially, improve your overall E.V. in a game of online bingo. One of the first things you can look for to increase your chances of success is the absence of randomness in a game. While many people would assume that the chance of each ball being drawn is equal, Granville suggests that this may not necessarily be true.

Drawing on the work of statistician L.H.C. Tippet, who stated “as a random sample is increased in size, it gives a result that comes closer and closer to the population value”, Granville proposed you can better predict the outcome of a bingo game.

According to Granville, the “population” in a game of bingo is its master board of numbers. The average of the master board numbers is half the number of balls in play (either 75 or 90). As a game plays out, Granville asserted that you should begin to see the average number move closer to the “half number” on the master board.

Therefore, if the “population” of the entire game is an average of 38 (which is around half of 75), then you can expect the numbers that are drawn to fall in line with this value (as a total average). With this fact in mind, you should be able to make a much smarter choice when purchasing your game tickets.

Indeed, if you are playing a 75-ball game, you should be looking to purchase tickets with a selection of numbers that converge around an average of 38. In contrast, if you are playing a 90-ball game, you should try to buy tickets with numbers averaging a total of 45.

Of course, following this strategy will not necessarily guarantee you a bingo win. However, it could help improve your overall E.V. in the lucrative world of online gaming.

Online Bingo Is Stress Free

There are often tales of woe that come from the bingo halls around the world. Tales of pensioners fighting over a lucky seat or someone making too much noise during a game aren’t exactly unusual. There was even a case of a woman trying to sell her Avon products during a game and the reaction by another player was so extreme it meant that the police had to be called to calm the situation down.

And just last week in the UK, a bingo winner missed out on a £10,000 jackpot simply because the caller did not hear him shout ‘bingo’. Ronald Price from Fens in Cambridgeshire was playing a national link-up game at his local bingo hall in Wisbech and shouted bingo when he had completed his card. However, as the caller didn’t hear him, play continued and the game was won moments later by another player in another bingo hall somewhere else in the country. With stories like that, it’s not surprising that so many people choose to play bingo online these days at sites like Gala, 32Red, Mirror Bingo and Tidy Bingo, where the whole experience is stress-free.

Not only that, you also get plenty of incentives to sign up to a bingo site. For a start, there’s the welcome bonus, which varies depending on which site you join. At new players who put in £10 will receive a 300% bonus so that they have a total of £40 to play with. All the major bingo sites offer similar deals, but it’s always worth checking the terms and conditions so that you understand fully how the money can be used.

So why is that online bingo should be less stressful than bingo hall bingo? For a start, there’s no need to concentrate on the number calls and hurriedly mark off matching numbers on your cards. The auto-daub feature that you can choose to use will mark the numbers off for you. This means that no matter how many cards you are playing, you can relax and just watch your cards’ progress, or do something else entirely while the game plays through.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a winning card, you don’t need to break into a cold sweat in order to be first to notify the site of your win. The software logs any wins automatically, so had Ronald Price been playing online bingo, his win would have definitely been taken into account. Not only that, but any win funds will be credited to your account automatically too.

At bingo halls, there’s a traditional requirement on players to be quiet during the games, and this doesn’t always create the most convivial of atmospheres. People like to play bingo, but also want to have a bit of a chat and a laugh at the same time. Sometimes the atmosphere in a bingo hall is a bit sterile when everyone has their ‘eyes down’. Playing online bingo, you can chat to your heart’s content, albeit that the chatting people do in the bingo chat rooms is done through typing messages to one another. One of the UK’s biggest bingo hall operators, Rank, has taken this idea on board in recent weeks by introducing electronic bingo rooms at their new facility in Reading.

While traditional bingo hall with a bingo caller will still take place, there will be a separate area for people who want to use the bingo tablets that have been installed for people who prefer to play electronic version on the game. They will have the option of marking the numbers off for themselves, or allowing the tablets to do that for them. The hope is that more people will come to bingo halls to socialise and play, rather than just play. It’s an indication of how the popularity of online bingo is having an effect on the traditional game. However, you’d still have the inconvenience of having to get to a bingo hall, and that’s another example of how online bingo is more relaxing than playing at a bingo hall.

Value Entertainment With Bingo

For a game that’s easy to play, yet offers the possibility of great rewards for very little investment you’d find it hard to beat bingo. Of course, there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of bingo sites to choose from and there are tempting incentives on all the different sites to get new players to sign up with them.

If you’ve ever played bingo in a bingo hall in Britain, you’re likely to have played 90 ball bingo and this has always been the most popular game in the UK. When you play online Bingo with there are plenty of 90 ball bingo games to choose from and there are three prizes to win in every game.

If you fill a horizontal line with five numbers, you’ve got a One Line Bingo, two horizontal lines filled equals a Two Line Bingo and if you get all 15 numbers on your ticket marked off, you have a Full House – the top prize.

Games are run every five minutes on a 24 hour a day schedule, so there’s always right to play bingo. Even if a game has already started, you can join before the 10th ball is drawn. Check out which games offer which jackpots and you can pick and choose the games that appeal to you most. Progressive jackpots are often the most popular games as the prize fund starts at £250 and keeps growing until one player gets Full House within 40 balls or less.

Aside from the scheduled games, you can also play bingo slots and of course, you’ll have access to all the other games on the 32 Red site. As bingo games take care of themselves once your cards are in play which means you have time on your hands to enjoy other games at the same time.

Like most of the other bingo sites, 32 Red Bingo has some great offers for new players who sign up to the site. First off, there’s a £10 welcome bonus to use in the bingo rooms while you try out the site. If you like what you find there’s a further bonus where for each £10 you pay in as part of your initial deposit onto your account, 32 Red will add another £32, so without even playing you’ve more than tripled your stake!

Whatever amount you first put down into your account, you’ll be guaranteed hours of entertainment as bingo games are so cheap to play and whenever you’ve got a game on, you can leave your cards running while you join other players in the bingo chat rooms. As well as there always being someone else to talk to, you’ll also find a range of different chat games to join in here too.