You’ve glanced at the odds and noticed an intriguing 18/1 offer. Is it worth placing a bet on this outcome? How much could you potentially win if your wager is successful? Is 18/1 too risky of a longshot? To find the answers to these questions and more, continue reading below.

Let’s begin with the simplest method for calculating your potential winnings on an 18/1 bet. The process involves basic arithmetic. Simply multiply the amount you wagered by the larger odds number. For example, if you bet £1, €1, or $1 on an 18/1 outcome and your bet is successful, you will receive £18, €18, or $18 in return. The currency you use doesn’t affect the calculation—the results remain the same.


£1 @ 18/1 = £18
£2 @ 18/1 = £36
£5 @ 18/1 = £90
£10 @ 18/1 = £180
£25 @ 18/1 = £450
£50 @ 18/1 = £900
£100 @ 18/1 = £1800
The amounts above do not include returned stakes.

Odds are designed to provide you with a chance of winning while also ensuring bookmakers can generate a profit. Lower odds indicate a higher probability that your bet will be successful, at least in theory. Conversely, higher odds suggest a lower likelihood of winning—but again, this is only theoretical.

18/1 is the very middle of the road, and the likelihood that the bet will succeed depends entirely on the sport you plan to bet on. And at least it’s not as short as odds of 7/4 which really can’t net you very much at all!

If you are looking at a very large horse race such as the 2019 Grand National, which has 40 runners, 18/1 are decent odds. It puts your chosen horse in the frame as a potential winner based on all the information that the bookmakers have. Likewise for golf, or any sport that has a lot of contenders.

However, if you are seeing 18/1 in a two-person sport such as boxing or tennis, then it is NOT good. Odds in these types of sports should be much, much closer if the two players are equally matched.

Alternatively, if you are looking ahead to a game or a tournament and your chosen player is 18/1 to win outright, and you know they might go far, then that’s a reasonable punt to take.


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£1 @ 18/1 = £18
£2 @ 18/1 = £36
£5 @ 18/1 = £90
£10 @ 18/1 = £180
£25 @ 18/1 = £450
£50 @ 18/1 = £900
£100 @ 18/1 = £1800

You could also look at the ‘Place’ or ‘Each-way’ bet. Again, the odds on which they will payout will vary between each bookmaker. For the purpose of explaining it in this instance, we will say it’s a quarter odds.

The ‘Place’ or ‘Each-way’ option means that you could still get a return on your bet even when your horse/team/player doesn’t win. However, it will still need to finish in 2nd, 3rd or 4th place in whatever competition they’re in. It’s important to remember that your stake will double as you are betting on both a win and a place. So now a £1 bet becomes a £2 bet as you’ve bet on two outcomes.

If your 18/1 bet comes in and you are a winner, you will get £18 (From win bet) + £1 (From your stake) + £4.50 (From your bet placing a 1/4 odds) + £1 (From your stake). This means from a £2 ‘Place’ or ‘Each Way’ bet you’ll end up with £24.50!

If your bet doesn’t come first but does place, you’ll get £4.50 (From your bet placing a 1/4 odds) and £1 (From your stake) meaning £5.50 back from £2.

Effectively that’s all there is to know about calculating an 18/1 bet. However, if you need more help with working out other odds, then use our online bet calculator! Below is examples of some bets placed at 18/1.

18/1 EACH WAY BETS (2nd, 3rd or 4th Place)

£1 @ 18/1 = £4.50
£2 @ 18/1 = £9
£5 @ 18/1 = £22.50
£10 @ 18/1 = £45
£25 @ 18/1 = £112.50
£50 @ 18/1 = £225
£100 @ 18/1 = £450

Amounts above do not include returned stakes and assumes the bet is settled each way at a quarter odds.



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Why Do Betting Odds Fluctuate?

If you are an avid sports bettor, you might have noticed that betting odds can fluctuate quite frequently. This can happen for various reasons, and understanding why betting odds fluctuate can help you make better betting decisions. In this article, we will delve deeper into the reasons why betting odds fluctuate.

The Role of Bookmakers

Bookmakers play a significant role in the setting and fluctuation of betting odds. They are responsible for determining the probability of a particular outcome and setting the odds accordingly. Bookmakers use various statistical models, historical data, and other information to set the odds. They also take into account the betting patterns of their customers, which can influence the odds.

Factors That Affect Betting Odds

Several factors can influence the fluctuation of betting odds. Some of the most common ones include:

Team News

Team news can have a significant impact on the betting odds. Injuries to key players, suspensions, or other team news can affect the probability of a particular outcome. Bookmakers will adjust the odds accordingly to reflect these changes.

Betting Volume

The amount of money wagered on a particular outcome can also affect the betting odds. If a large volume of bets is placed on a specific outcome, bookmakers might adjust the odds to balance their books.

Public Perception

Public perception can also play a role in the fluctuation of betting odds. If a team or player is perceived as a favourite, bookmakers might adjust the odds to reflect this perception.

Market Forces

Market forces, such as the supply and demand of a particular bet, can also affect the betting odds. If there is high demand for a particular bet, bookmakers might adjust the odds to reflect this.

The Importance of Understanding Betting Odds Fluctuation

Understanding why betting odds fluctuate can help you make better betting decisions. By analyzing the factors that affect betting odds, you can identify value bets and take advantage of favourable odds. It is also essential to keep track of the odds and their fluctuations to make informed betting decisions.