20 Important Betting Tips For Beginners

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2018 is fast approaching, and the world of online betting is growing bigger and bigger than ever. There are thousands of betting websites all over the internet, and it can be a very challenging task to decide which one to join.

However, as a beginner to betting, you should consider some factors before placing your first bet. We’ve put together 20 essential betting tips for beginners (2018).

Create a strict budget

As a beginner, it is very important to create a weekly or monthly budget. The reason being that gambling can be addictive; thus you need to discipline yourself. Stick to your budget even with your winnings and gamble with the amount you have set aside.

Learn some basic betting strategies.

As a beginner, it is important to consider learning some simple strategies. It would be a mistake to ignore some of these strategies. Most of the basics are easy to learn and can really help in decision making.

Make use of sign up bonus

Most bookmakers offer a sign-up bonus and using these offers will increase the amount of your betting balance.

Use promotional bonuses

Aside sign-up bonus most bookies also offer promotional bonuses for some events. Take out time to search for these special offers as they will boost your betting balance.

Read the rules

Each bookie has their rules on the individual market. It is important you understand these rules.

Check the payment methods

There are so many payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals, but not all bookmakers accept all methods. Take a quick check of the available methods.

Avoid chasing losses

Sometimes, it is quite difficult to know when to stop betting. However, it is very important to know when to. There are days you will lose, and you will need to work away. Always keep your budget in mind in such instance.

Don’t become overconfident when winning

Do not be carried away when you start winning from time to time. When you get carried away, you start thinking like a betting guru and chances are you just being lucky.

Sign up with several bookmakers

Each bookie offers different odds for various events. So always shop around to get value for your money. Find out which bookmaker offer the best value and your profit will increase.

Understand the market

This is so important especially when there are so many markets available because some of them are similar.

Don’t deposit too much money with bookies

Bookmakers are not banks. So don’t attempt to store your money with them by depositing large amount. Making a small deposit is ideal.

Don’t drink and bet

Alcohol and betting is a dangerous combination, and this is the reason why land-based casinos offer free drinks to players.

Don’t pay for betting tips

It is not a good idea to pay for tips as a beginner. It is better to understand how a market works than losing your money to tipsters.

Read an updated preview of the event

It is important to stay up to date with the event; the odds will change at intervals depending on the probabilities of the outcome.

Don’t play favoritism

Your favorites will not always win their games. Be mindful how to back them because sure bet does not exist.

Use online bookies

It is undoubtedly true that betting online is the easiest and most convenient way to bet on events. There are so many advantages of online betting than other methods.

Keep records of your betting activities

Many beginners find it difficult to keep records of their betting. This is unwise because without records it’s tough to keep track of your spending. Records also help you improve on your betting pattern.

Join a betting forum

Betting forums are a great source of vital information which offers the opportunity of expanding your knowledge. Reading discussions between other bettors can come in handy when making decisions.

Take breaks

Betting ought to be a creational activity, even when the goal is to make some cool money. Take periodic breaks and return with a fresher perspective that can help in making better decisions.


There are different approaches to sports betting, and there is no right or wrong approach. Take out time to try different strategies and determine which of them yield positive outcomes.

These are essential tips every beginner should read before starting their journey into sports betting. However, some of these tips are not limited to beginners alone.