BBC Killing Off Strictly?

Strictly Turn Off

They seem to be doing their best, but the terribly over scripted and staged ‘training sessions’ are fast becoming a huge turn-off.

They used to be interesting peek at the celebrities and pro dancers in their everyday practice sessions, now they are so elaborate they’re almost a show on their own { don’t get any ideas Beeb! }. The show has great family appeal and recently pipped the X Factor in the rating wars, Mums and daughters love the glamour, more boys than ever seem interested in dancing and even Dad’s have been known to watch for a glimpse of Flavia, or come to that Victoria Pendleton, in one of those hot little Latin numbers!

The judges do their best to inject some fun into the proceedings, Bruno’s little ditties are impromptu and can be funny at times, Craig still plays the villain to perfection, Len’s still playing the kindly grandad most of the time and newcomer Darcy Bussell adds her wealth of knowledge and experience, offering the contestants plenty of constructive criticism. Darcy came under fire recently in the press for ending every sentence with yes, yeah or ok but surely she’s just carrying on in Brucie’s now age-old tradition of repetition.

Now Brucie has been around a long time and in the past has hosted some incredibly popular shows but I’m afraid the humourless gags [are the scriptwriters using the bane of all parents lives, the Crack-A-Joke book?] and his endless use of the same two phrases – ‘you’re my favourites’ and ‘off you go’ are wearing just a bit thin by now.

I’m now at the point of recording the show and cutting out all the Brucie bits and the ‘training sessions’, together they’ve made what was a very entertaining show very tedious. The Beeb is in a lot of trouble at the moment and unless they pay some attention to this show things could get worse. Claudia Winkelman and Tess Daly did a great job when Bruce had a week off recently, they moved things along nicely, managed not to constantly repeat themselves and seemed to realise it’s the contestants who are the stars of the show, not themselves.

The Beeb are now well known for their slow reaction times and I fear they will let the show amble along in the same old way until it dies a ‘natural’. What a shame when there are so few true families shows on the box and it has the potential to keep us entertained well into the future. The contestants have been whittled down now, if you would like more info on who’s still in the running, or fancy a little bet on your favourite couple, check out the latest odds at Paddy Power Bookmakers.

A Look At The Strictly Odds

Paddy Power Bookmakers have a range of bets for Strictly Come Dancing including Outright winner and all bookies seem to agree that Louis Smith is the favourite (Paddy Power have him as evens) and Denise Van Outen close behind with odds of 13/8. You can bet on the sex of the winner with Paddy Power with Male at 10/11 and Female at 4/5. Favourites for the bottom two are Victoria Pendleton at 4/6 and Nicky Byrne at 6/5. Finally, if you fancy having a punt on who will be the next Strictly presenter then take a look at who Paddy Power fancies for the position. Anton Du Beke is favourite with the likes of Graham Norton, John Barrowman and even Des O’Connor getting a look in.

Ladbrokes Bookmaker has some of the best odds on the Outright Winner with joint-favourites Louis Smith and Denise Van Outen at 6/4, Kimberley Walsh follows with odds of 8/1, with Dani Harmer and Lisa Riley at 12/1, Michael Vaughn is at 20/1 and Nicky Byrne at 33/1 and it seems winning gold at the Olympics isn’t enough to push Victoria Pendleton to the top of the list as she trails the pack at 40/1.

Whilst Stan James Bookmakers have great odds on Best Male and Best Female. Best Male candidates are Louis Smith at 1/10, Michael Vaughn at 7/1 and Nicky Byrne at 12/1. Favourites for Best Female are Denise Van Outen at 4/7, Kimberley Walsh at 7/2, Dani Harmer and Lisa Riley at 7/1 and Victoria Pendleton at 20/1.