In the electrifying world of darts, the United Kingdom has long been a breeding ground for some of the sport’s most formidable talents.

With precision, nerve, and unyielding competition, the legacy of British darts players stands unparalleled.

Today we turn the spotlight on the phenomenal players who have not only mastered the art of hitting the bullseye but have also etched their names into the annals of the sport through their remarkable achievements.

From the legendary Phil Taylor, whose name is synonymous with darts supremacy, to emerging talents like Luke Littler who are redefining the game, we look at the best British darts players who have transformed this pub pastime into a global sporting spectacle.

Current Top British Darts Players

This is our list of current top players based on the World Rankings at the time of writing.

Luke Humphries (Cool Hand Luke)

If you weren’t glued to your tv for the PDC World Championship Final between Luke Humphries and Luke Littler, then you must have been asleep!

Millions of us, 4.8 million to be specific, tuned in to watch the world number 1 player (Humphries) try to contain the juggernaut that is the teenage sensation Luke Littler.

And contain him he did as Luke Humphries defeated the teenager 7-4 at Alexandra Palace to win his first PDC World Championship title.

With the Grand Slam, Grand Slam Playoffs and the Players Championship Finals already in the bag since November, Humphries just can’t seem to lose.

Michael Smith (Bully Boy)

He may not have made much of an impact in the PDC World Championship but that hasn’t stopped Smith from being No.3 in the world.

With his consistent performances and ability to stay focused under pressure, Smith won both the 2022 Grand Slam of Darts title and the 2023 PDC World Championship.

His success has earned him recognition as one of the best players in the sport today.

With great odds on him winning his title back next year, you can count on Smith’s skill and determination which have made him a fan favourite.

And if you do fancy a flutter, you can always try your hand at the various darts games that are available at the best sites for playing casino games online. Until then, Smith continues to be an inspiration for aspiring darts players worldwide.

Nathan Aspinall (The Asp)

Nathan Aspinall is an English professional darts player currently playing in Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events.

He has quickly climbed the rankings and succeeded in the sport, winning the 2019 UK Open with a 170 checkout in the final leg against Rob Cross.

Today he is ranked fourth in the world but he may have to up his game if he wants to stay there as recent performances have seen a dip in his usually good form.

Gerwyn Price (The Iceman)

Gerwyn Price is a Welsh professional darts player and former professional rugby union and rugby league player.

Nicknamed “The Iceman”, he has quickly established himself as one of the world’s top Darts players since turning professional in 2014.

He rose consistently up the ranks before securing his maiden televised crown at the 2018 Grand Slam of Darts, his first of three major titles.

Price is known for his aggressive style of play and intense focus on the game. He has won multiple tournaments, including the UK Open, Players Championship Finals, World Series of Darts Finals, and World Cup of Darts.

He also reached the final of the 2020 PDC World Championship, where he lost to Peter Wright. His success has earned him numerous sponsorships from companies such as Red Dragon Darts and Target Darts.

Overall, Gerwyn Price is an excellent darts player who has achieved great success in a short amount of time. His aggressive style and passion for the game make him one of the most exciting players to watch on tour today.

Rob Cross (Voltage)

Rob Cross is a professional darts player who has had an incredible impact on the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) circuit.

He first made his mark in 2018 when he won the PDC World Darts Championship, becoming the first-ever debutant to win the title.

Since then, he has won numerous other titles, including the 2019 World Matchplay and 2021 European Championship.

His success is due to his impressive skill and accuracy with the darts, as well as his determination and focus on winning.

And if you need any more proof, just take another look at his semi final match against Luke Littler in the 2023 PDC World Championship which was one of the greatest games of darts in living memory.

Peter Wright (Snakebite)

Scotsman Peter Wright is one of the most successful darts players in the world. He has won numerous titles, including the 2020 and 2022 PDC World Darts Championship.

His success can be attributed to his unique style of play, which combines a powerful throwing technique with an aggressive attitude. He is also known for his flamboyant dress sense and trademark mohawk hairstyle.

With his unique style of play and ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions on the board, his success has made him one of the most popular figures in darts today.

Jonny Clayton (The Ferret)

Jonny Clayton is one of the top professional darts players in the world, currently ranked 9th in the world.

Nicknamed The Ferret, he has been playing on the PDC circuit since 2015 and has achieved many successes.

In 2021 he won the World Grand Prix and the Premier League Darts event. He also landed the Master and World Series Finals – what a year!

In the exciting world of British darts, these players continue to astound us with their incredible performances and dedication to the game.

They embody the spirit and passion of darts in Britain, continually setting the bar high for aspiring players.

Luke Littler (The Nuke)

No article about darts would be complete without mentioning the astounding talents of Luke Littler.

He was just three sets away from becoming the youngest player to ever win the PDC World Championship in 2024 but it was not to be.

At just 16 years old, this sensational darts player will undoubtedly go on to be one of the greats.

All-Time Best British Darts Players

Please note that listing the top 10 British darts players of all time can be subjective.

As we all know, it can be influenced by different factors, such as the number of championships won, their impact on the sport, and their peak performance level.

However, below is a list that many in the darts community might agree upon.

Phil Taylor

Taylor is often considered the greatest darts player ever. He dominated the sport for over two decades, winning an unprecedented 16 World Championships.

Eric Bristow

‘The Crafty Cockney’ was a dominant force in the 1980s. Bristow won five World Championships and was instrumental in popularising the sport.

John Lowe

Known for his consistency, Lowe is one of the only players to have won the World Championship in three different decades (1970s, 1980s, and 1990s). His smooth, accurate throwing style is still admired today.

Jocky Wilson

The late Jocky Wilson, a Scottish darts legend, won two World Championships and was a top player throughout the 1980s.

Gary Anderson

The ‘Flying Scotsman’ is a two-time PDC World Champion. Anderson is known for his high-scoring and smooth throwing action.

Dennis Priestley

Priestley, known as the ‘Menace’, was the first player to win both the BDO and PDC World Championships, a testament to his skill and longevity in the sport.

Rob Cross

‘Voltage’ made an immediate impact in the sport by winning the PDC World Championship in his debut year. His rapid rise to success showcases his remarkable talent.

James Wade

Wade has consistently performed at the highest level over the years. Despite not having a World Championship to his name, he’s won several major titles.

Adrian Lewis

‘Jackpot’ is a two-time PDC World Champion. Lewis is known for his ability to perform under pressure and his rapid, rhythmic throwing style.

Alan Evans

A popular Welsh player in the 1970s and 80s, Evans was a top contender in the World Championship several times. He is remembered as one of the characters of the game.

It’s important to note that the sport of darts has been graced by many talented players over the years.

This list only represents a fraction of the skill and talent seen in the British darts scene.