A Brief Guide to Understanding More About Exotic Wagers

Rugby World Cup

Many online bookmakers are now offering what are referred to as exotic wagers. These are wagers that are beyond the standard betting options, and are so referred to as exotic.

An exotic bet can be based around almost any aspect of a sport, providing interesting and unique betting options that have previously not been considered.

For example, a person would be expecting to bet on which team would emerge victorious in a game of rugby, but exotic betting options may be based around how many red cards are given during the match, or how many conversion attempts are missed.

Virtually any aspect of a sport can provide exotic betting options, dependent simply on what the bookmaker is willing to provide.

Exotic Wager Entertainment

To some it may seem bizarre, or even silly to bet on such aspects of a sport, but for many it is providing a whole new level of entertainment. Sure, it makes sense to bet on which team will win or place moneyline bets, but why not bet on other aspects of the sport, just for a few laughs?

Exotic bets tend to be most appealing to those who are otherwise not particularly interested in the sport itself. The outlandish exotic betting options, therefore, provide a new and interesting reason for non-sports fans to engage. Best of all, a person does not need any in-depth knowledge about a sport to take a guess at a few of the exotic bets available.

Types Of Exotic Bets

Exotic bets vary greatly in the range and type available at betting sites, and can revolve around almost any aspects of a popular sport.

In rugby an exotic betting option was offered on which player would be the first to score a tri. Another betting option was based on whether a player would be injured, and another on if any players would be sent of the field with a red card.

Rugby and cricket exotic bets are most popular, but exotic betting options can be arranged for virtually any sport. There are, in fact, no sports that some sort of exotic betting options cannot be arranged for.

It is all just a matter of a bookmaker working out reasonable odds on aspects of the game that are otherwise not normally focused on, which can be a difficult and time consuming process.

Where To Place Exotic Bets

Not all online bookmakers offer exotic betting options, but the more popular exotic bets become, the more the options are being made available.

Simply navigate to a sports match and look for the exotic betting option tab. Check which options are provided, and place a bet as with any other standard betting option.

Be sure to check the odds of the exotic bet, and also be sure that you understand the rules of the betting option being provided.

In some cases an exotic bet may have multiple options, with many different betting odds attached, so be sure to pick the option that you think will be the closest prediction.

If you are uncertain about an exotic bet, then be sure to simply contact the customer support centre and ask for more information, or detailed instructions.