Manchester United

‘Come back when you’ve won 18’, oh how I’m sure that Kenny Dalglish had kept his gob shut when he uttered those immortal words all those years ago. Who knew that his unlikely prophetic words would ignite the fire in Ferguson’s belly to the extent that he now stands on the brink of footballing history, needing just one teeny point from Manchester United’s last two games.

Still to come for United are Blackburn and Blackpool at home in the last game of the season on May 22nd but Chelsea are not down and out and still retain some fighting spirit in the hopes that United can fall at the last hurdle and hand them the league on a plate but it’s highly unlikely and after the whipping, they got at Old Trafford it’s almost a certainty that the title will be heading up the M56 to Manchester.

And of course, there’s the Champions League Final up for grabs as well, though facing the irrepressible Barcelona, it may be trickier than winning the league and, a first for a long time, United go into it as underdogs which may just be the boost they need to pull out all of the stops and give the Spaniards a run for their money!