Football Association Commission

The FA have announced the forming of a committee which it is hoped will improve the fortunes of the English National Team, unfortunately, they then went on to do what the FA seem to do best, that is to create division and controversy.

You sometimes wonder which planet the people who run our national game are living on. Without a doubt, the English game is a wonderful example of diversity at all levels, yet the FA decided in their wisdom that this committee would consist of all white male members.

It was left to Heather Rabbatts, a member of the FA committee, to point out the failings of the commission and how she felt it had let down the black and ethnic communities in failing to appoint any members from their ranks, it was also pointed out there were no female representatives.

Greg Dyke then moved quickly to appoint Rio Ferdinand onto the board and stated that Rio had always been under consideration and that they had been talking to him for some time. However to many people this still falls short of a diverse commission, why no women and why are other minorities not better represented.

The members of the panel as it stands at the moment are: Roger Burden, (FA vice-chairman), Glen Hoddle, Danny Mills, Howard Wilkinson, Richie Humphreys (PFA Chairman) Greg Clarke (Football League Chairman) Dario Gradi

The aim of the commission is to consider how the number of England qualified players appearing for the country’s top clubs can be increased, with the aim of reaching the Euro 2020 Semi-Finals and ultimately winning the 2022 World Cup.

For those of you, who like the FA are not from this planet, the 2022 World Cup is scheduled to be played in Qatar in the Summer of that year, when frankly the temperatures will probably kill most football fans, never mind the guys running around on the pitch. To this end, several attempts have been made to either get the Tournament moved to another country, or failing that, move it to the Winter months, which of course will clash with most domestic competitions causing problems for at least two seasons.

Paddy Power is offering bets on when [summer/winter] the 2022 World cup will be held in Qatar, you can get 2/5 for any other date in the calendar year and 7/4 for June and July.