Football Betting Tips: Going Green to Make More Green

The sports betting world can be a tough place to make a profit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t swing the pendulum of luck in your favour and improve your chances of success. Although I’ve given you a slew of football betting tips in the past, the one outlined in this article is great for those looking to add a new wrinkle to their game.

Taking Both Sides
Greening up is the process of simultaneously betting on both sides of a football fixture to ensure a profit and it’s one that professional exchange bettors have been using for the last few years. Since the advent of online and mobile sports betting through exchanges such as Betfair’s, his technique is now not only been possible but accessible for everyone.

Although I would add a note of caution that greening up isn’t a strategy that will suit everyone’s style (or bankroll), it is one that can seriously improve your win rate if done successfully.

In a nutshell, greening up takes advantage of the movement of odds within a sports betting exchange. For example, if you’re able to identify a team you think will win and whose odds won’t get worse then it’s possible to implement this strategy: “green up”. For greening up to work, you want the odds to shorten for the team you’ve picked to win.

If this happens, then you can back the other side of the bet (lay against the team) and secure a guaranteed profit thanks to the difference in returns between the two bets.

Using Apps to Go Green
Using this technique, however, is only possible with a betting app. These platforms not only allow you to access Betfair’s betting exchange, but they give you the ability to place bets with a single click.

This ability to wager in an instant is crucial because the dynamic nature of the betting exchange means that odds will be changing at a constant rate. Therefore, in order to successfully “green up” and place two profitable bets, you need to be able to do it with a minimum amount of effort.

Fortunately, you can download a string of apps and secure a betting profit without risking your bankroll by taking advantage of free trials. Through a combination of these provisions, inside football knowledge and greening up, you can improve your sports betting EV and, thus, your bankroll dramatically.