In the topsy-turvy world of the Premier League, managers have about as much job security as a chocolate fireguard. One week they’re the messiah, leading their team to victory against top-tier teams, and the next, they’re about as popular as a skunk in a perfume factory if they dare to lose a game or two.

The life of a Premier League manager is a bit like riding a roller coaster, blindfolded, with no idea when the next twist or turn is coming. One day they’re riding high, basking in the glory of a winning streak, and the next, they’re staring down the barrel of a losing slump, with the chairman’s finger twitching on the ‘fire’ button.

This is why the Barclays Premier League Manager of the Month award is such a sought-after prize. It’s like a well-earned pat on the back, a nod of approval, and a “keep going, chap” all wrapped in one. For one glorious moment, the manager can bask in the warm glow of appreciation before the roller coaster ride starts again.

2022/23 Manager Awards

Month and Year Manager
April 2023 Unai Emery
March 2023 Mikel Arteta
February 2023 Erik ten Hag
January 2023 Mikel Arteta
December 2022 Mikel Arteta
October 2022 Eddie Howe
September 2022 Erik ten Hag
August 2022 Mikel Arteta

And that’s what we’ll dive into today – the Barclays Premier League Manager of the Month award. It’s a lifesaver, a life enhancer, and just about the best thing a manager can put on their mantelpiece. Let’s dive into the glory, the honour, and the downright relief that is the Manager of the Month award.

When Did The Manager of The Month Award Begin?

Introduced in 1994, two years after the inception of the Premier League, the award is decided by a panel of footballing experts, largely based on the manager’s team performance over the month. It’s like getting a gold star in school, except the star is made of glass, there’s a big Barclays logo on it, and it gets you bragging rights over 19 other highly competitive managers.

Winning isn’t easy. It takes a combination of tactical brilliance, man-management, and a smidge of good luck. And the ability to keep the club’s tea lady happy. Can’t underestimate that! The team needs to put in a stellar performance, collecting enough points to catch the eye of the panel. A daring 4-3-3 formation here, a masterstroke substitution, and just the right amount of touchline theatrics can all tip the balance in a manager’s favour.

But here’s the kicker – the award is known to be something of a curse. Managers who win the award often find their team’s form taking a nosedive in the following weeks. Spooky, right? It’s like the football gods decided to add a pinch of Greek tragedy to the mix. But despite that, it’s an honour every manager seeks because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like to be acknowledged for doing a darn good job?

In the high-stakes game of Premier League management, the Manager of the Month award is a welcome break from the storm, a shining testament to a job well done, and, for just a moment, a chance to breathe easy before the roller coaster ride of the season hurtles on.

Overview of the Award Process

You might wonder how on earth does someone win this illustrious award? Is it the manager with the most stylish touchline suit? The one with the most colourful post-match interviews? Or maybe it’s the manager who’s managed to keep their hair despite the stress, am I right? Well, not quite, but you’re on the right track.

In the real world, a panel of footballing experts selects the Manager of the Month award. This band of football boffins includes representatives from the media, football governing bodies, and fans who vote online. It’s like a football version of the United Nations, but with fewer vetoes and more debates over offside rules.

So what’s the magic formula for winning the award? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as pulling a rabbit out of a hat. The panel doesn’t just look at who won the most games that month (although that helps). They take into account a host of factors.

We’re talking about team performance – did the team play with the grace of ballet dancers or the coordination of a baby giraffe learning to walk? How about the manager’s tactical decisions – did they make masterstroke changes that won games, or did their decisions flop harder than a dive in the penalty box?

Even factors like the quality of the opponents and the context of the games are considered. For instance, a manager who leads their relegation-threatened team to a series of unexpected victories could have the edge over a top-four manager expected to win.

In short, the selection process for the Manager of the Month award isn’t just a numbers game. It’s a careful process that considers the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of each manager’s month.

But if you’re a manager looking for tips, my advice would be this: win as many games as you can, throw in a few tactical masterclasses, keep your post-match interviews entertaining, and maybe, just maybe, consider investing in a lucky tie.

Premier League Manager of the Month Award: Historical data and trends

Now, let’s dust off those history books and do some digging. If there’s one thing more exciting than watching Premier League matches (other than that viral cat video), it’s diving into the treasure trove of data and trends that the Manager of the Month award has left us with over the years.

First, let’s talk about the heavy hitters. Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary gaffer of Manchester United, is the undisputed king with an impressive haul of 27 Manager of the Month awards. That’s more than most managers have Premier League wins! And let’s not forget Arsene Wenger, the erstwhile Arsenal chief, who’s sitting pretty with 15 wins. But it’s not all about the old guard. Modern-day tacticians like Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp have also made quite a mark, racking up the awards quicker than you can say ‘gegenpressing’.

Interestingly, while the award is a nod to the short-term success of a manager, it doesn’t always correlate with long-term triumphs. Take the 2007-2008 season, for instance. Avram Grant won Manager of the Month in April, but Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United lifted the Premier League trophy. Talk about a plot twist!

Managers With the Most Awards

Manager Manager of the Month
Alex Ferguson 27
Arsène Wenger 15
Pep Guardiola 11
David Moyes 10
Jürgen Klopp 9
Harry Redknapp 8
Martin O’Neill 8
Rafael Benítez 7
Bobby Robson 6
Sam Allardyce 6
Mikel Arteta 6
Kevin Keegan 5
Claudio Ranieri 5
Carlo Ancelotti 5
Eddie Howe 5

Another fascinating aspect is the so-called “Manager of the Month Curse.” This footballing urban legend suggests that winning the award is a precursor to a dip in form. Of course, you might say, “Pish posh, it’s just a coincidence!” But the stats paint a rather uncanny picture. Research shows roughly 38% of award winners suffer defeat in their next match.

Maybe that’s why many managers have lucky ties, scarves, or socks. I wonder if we’ll ever see a lucky mascot on the touchline.

Curse of the Premier League Manager of the Month Award: Fact or Fiction?

In the high-stakes world of Premier League football, superstitions are rife, and curses abound. One such intriguing concept revolves around the Manager of the Month award. Is it really a blessing or a curse in disguise? Using some concrete examples, we aim to decipher this age-old conundrum.

Our first exhibit is none other than Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta. He claimed the coveted award for March 2023, only to face a humiliating defeat three days later. Quite the party crasher, wasn’t it?

Remember Nuno Espírito Santo, who won the season’s first award in August 2022? Well, he was shown the exit door merely 52 days later. Quite the rapid fall from grace, right? We can’t help but wonder if the award was more of a ticking time bomb than a testament to his managerial prowess.

Exceptions exist, of course. Pep Guardiola seems immune, continuing to win games after bagging the award. However, his case stands out as the exception, not the rule.

Thomas Tuchel, Bruno Lage, and Eddie Howe all saw their teams’ forms nosedive following their moment in the sun. It’s as if the award, instead of being a morale booster, turns into an ominous prophecy of upcoming misfortune.

Rewinding to past years, the illustrious Manager of the Year award also seems to follow this unfortunate pattern. Roy Hodgson, Brendan Rodgers, and Antonio Conte ran into a rough patch after their respective wins.

But nothing beats the tale of Claudio Ranieri, who was shown the door seven months after being crowned Manager of the Year

Now, let’s take a step back. It’s crucial to note that football is a fickle mistress, and these incidents may be mere coincidences. External factors, pressure, player injuries, and simple bad luck can contribute to a team’s dip in form.

However, the pattern that emerges from these stories is undeniably uncanny. It’s as if the Premier League Manager of the Month award is more of a poisoned chalice than a pat on the back. But then again, football is about challenging the status quo, defying odds, and rewriting narratives.

So, whether our footballing gaffers should approach the award cautiously or dismiss the alleged curse as mere superstition is up for debate. After all, every challenge on the football pitch is an opportunity to turn the game on its head. And isn’t that what makes the sport so exhilarating?

Now, you might be thinking – all this history and data is great, but how can it help me to bet on the next Manager of the Month? Well, understanding these trends and quirks can be a secret weapon in predicting who’s likely to grab the next award.

How to Bet on the Manager of the Month Award

Alright, sports betting enthusiasts and fortune seekers, it’s time to strap in. Betting on the Manager of the Month award is like playing a game of 4D chess but with a football twist. You’ve got to understand the game, the teams, the managers, and how Lady Luck might be feeling that particular month.

Now, you can’t just walk into your local grocery store and place a bet on the Manager of the Month award. But, thankfully, there are plenty of online sportsbooks that will gladly take your bet. And among them, two names stand out – Betfred and Betfred.




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Think of Betfred and Betfred as the Ronaldo and Messi of betting sites. Betfred, with its user-friendly interface, extensive market offerings, and competitive odds, makes betting as smooth as a Ronaldo stepover. Then there’s Betfred, with its range of unique bets, top-notch customer service, and great promotions. It’s as dependable and spectacular as a Messi free-kick.

Both Betfred and Betfred offer bets on the Manager of the Month award. You’ll find it listed among the ‘Specials‘ or ‘Football Specials‘ markets. The odds for each manager are influenced by several factors, like their team’s current form, upcoming fixtures, and even how well the manager is liked. Remember, it’s a panel of football experts and fans who decide the winner, so popularity can play its part!

When betting, consider the trends we’ve talked about. Keep an eye on underdogs pulling off impressive performances, top teams with a tough fixture list, and managers who are due a bit of good luck. Remember, in the roller coaster world of the Premier League, fortunes can change as quickly as the English weather!




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