Football teams and their fans are not known for their patience in fact they are much better recognised for their total lack of it! It’s managers beware because no matter how good they are they all face the sack after a bad result or two.

For punters who like a bet on the beautiful game, the managerial sack race provides them all with a great distraction from the happenings, or lack of them, on the pitch.

So which managers do the bookies feel are most likely to succeed in this season’s ‘sack race’, or maybe that other favourite of football clubs, leaving by ‘mutual consent’.

Paddy Power Bookmakers have odds on ‘No Manager to leave’ at 9/4, so you could argue that they aren’t really expecting a manager to go by the end of the season. However hedging their bets is what bookies do best and Paddy Power Bookmakers have nominated Chris Hughton, the manager of Norwich, to be the next manager to face the chop at odds of 9/4. It looks like poor old Chris is already walking the plank.

You don’t have to look any further than Wales to see that both Swansea and Cardiff have bosses who could be joining the managerial merry go round very soon with Gary Monk and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer being punted as next in line for the sack, both at odds of 7/1.

Football can certainly be a funny old game and you can always expect the unexpected. Chelsea have previous for sacking managers and finishing second or third is not always good enough, Jose Mourinho at 150/1 could be a nice little earner for somebody.