O’Neill and Keane Take Over Ireland

Not one week ago Martin O’Neill had all but been ruled out of the Irish Manager’s job with many speculating that Roy Keane would be too controversial and so by default it was only a matter of time before Mick McCarthy took a second bite at the apple.

But how quickly things change with today’s announcement that Martin o’Neill had indeed been appointed the new Ireland Football manager with Keane as his right-hand man and what a duo they’re going to make.

Attempting to reverse Ireland’s football fortunes and return to the glory days when Jack Charlton was manager is going to be no easy task but with the formidable duo of O’Neill and Keane at the helm it’s going to be fun watching them try.

The pair each signed initial two-year deals last as the Football Association of Ireland’s search for a replacement for Giovanni Trapattoni finally drew to a close.

Speaking to Sky Sports News O’Neill said: “It’s a privilege to do it. You know, a job like this may not come round again for quite some considerable time.

“The Republic of Ireland have had some success – Jack Charlton was great, Mick McCarthy excellent, and Trapattoni did very, very well indeed, and all stayed in the job for quite a number of years, so that opportunity might not be afforded to anyone in the foreseeable future.”

“There will be some expectation too, but I think we can live with that”

With a friendly scheduled against Latvia on November 15th work on the team will begin immediately with the longer term goal for the duo being qualification for the Euro 2016 finals which will begin in September next year.

There have been plenty of reactions to the announcement of the new Ireland management set-up with O’Neill himself stating on ITV “I’m the bad cop and he’s the bad, bad cop. I’m looking forward to it greatly”.

Even the bookmakers have managed to capitalise with Irish bookmakers, Paddy Power offering half-joking odds of 40/1 that the Irish ‘Squad to have a training camp in Saipan in 2013 or 2014’. And while the ink may not even be dry on the contract, they are also already offering 2/1 that Roy Keane will take over as manager after Martin O’Neill!