Premier League Top 4 Finish Odds

Football is coming to the business end of the season and teams have started to realise that every match, every goal and every point counts.

Unsurprisingly, football fans knew this from when the very first ball was kicked, way back in August. Unfortunately, some professionals only seem to wake up when relegation or making the top four is staring them in the face and becomes a stark reality.

So, which teams are going to take those magic top four slots? Manchester City are the bookie’s favourites and Paddy Power Bookmakers have them at 1/200 ON so you’d have to be a bit mad to bet against them.

Chelsea are a team who can’t be ignored and with clever leader Jose you know they are a safe bet and Paddy Power Bookmakers agree as they are second-favourites at 1/100. That takes care of two of the top four then, so who’s left?

Arsenal is at odds of 1/9 and why nobody fancies a team that is playing so well, with a great manager, is surprising.

Liverpool is currently occupying the fourth slot and when you play as well as Brendan Rogers’ team has you have to fancy them staying there. They have some difficult games coming up and both Manchester United and Tottenham are chasing them hard so can Liverpool hold their nerve?

Can David Moyes luck change? Although things aren’t looking good at the moment, you can’t rule the Red’s out and if they manage to beat Liverpool at Old Trafford, then anything could happen. Although it looks unlikely odds of 8/1, make them worth a sly bet to bag that fourth top slot.