The New Conquistadors – Casillas, Iniesta & Xavi

Like the Conquistadors of days gone by, the Spanish National team finds itself in the unchartered territory after becoming the first country to win three successive major tournaments.

Famously, it was the Italian Christopher Columbus who helped the Spanish to discover the New World and it was the Italians who once again gave Spain a helping hand to find the silver in the Euro 2012 Final.

Many expected the Euro 2012 Final between Italy and Spain to be a tight, tense affair but Spain took control of the game early when David Silva navigated a path through the Italian defenders to head home from close range on 13 minutes. Shortly before half time, the Spanish struck again leaving the Italians to trudge off the pitch like a band of Mayan Warriors leaving the battlefield knowing that no matter how hard they fought they would never match the superior Spanish weaponry.

When the second half started it looked like the natives might win one battle, but it was clear they wouldn’t win this war. After going close to scoring a number of times it seemed that the footballing gods had abandoned Italy to their fate. Two more goals confirmed Spain’s dominance and it was fortunate for Italy that the match ended before a sound beating could turn into a rout.

Once again the Spanish collected the silver and history was made, and with the World Cup in Brazil only two years away many are convinced that ‘Conquistadors’ lead by Captain Casillas will leave the New World in 2014 carrying gold once again.

If this Spanish team were to plunder that small golden trophy in Rio then the names of Casillas, Ramos, Iniesta and Xavi will become more famous than that of Hernán Cortés.

If you fancy Spain’s chances of landing the World Cup in 2014 then the odds are listed below.