Trapattoni To Get The Boot Odds

I genuinely thought I had seen it all when the Republic Of Ireland football team rocked up for Euro 2012 and all but fizzled out like a wet sparkler at a really crappy house party. Little did I know that a 6-1 kicking from the Germans – who couldn’t even beat Sweden by the way – was still in store.

Trapattoni, or Trappa, as he is better known in Eire, was initially held up as some kind of saviour of Irish Football – no more were they just going to turn up and be thrilled just to take part. Oh no, not anymore. They were going to go out there and give ’em hell.

Well, we all know how that played out and as the boys in green headed home from Poland, the FAI had the excuses ready to trip off the tongue. Poor selection, poor strategy, no confidence blah blah blah – all the usual platitudes to explain such a dismal performance.

And soon it was forgotten and the World Cup 2014 was on the horizon and so too were the qualifiers. By the narrowest of marins they eeked a win from their game against Kazakhstan and as we all know got a whopping from Germany before heading to the Faroe Islands where they produced a decent 4-1 win.

But Trappa isn’t safe, in fact, the odds on him not being around to see Ireland through to their last 2014 World Cup qualifies are just 5/4 with Paddy Power Bookmakers and even more alarming is the fact that Mick McCarthy seems to be the front runner for his job at 3/1 – god help us all!!

For the full list of who looks likely to replace Trappa and the odds for each just head to Paddy Power Bookmakers!