2000 Guineas Renamed 2331 Euros

EU Flag Racing

The European Union has stunned the horse racing world by insisting the first two Classics of the turf flat season, the StanJames.com 1000 and 2000 Guineas, adhere to current EU law – and change their name from the Guineas to the Euros.

Citing obscure EU currency legislation, Austrian MEP Lari Polof has called for the races to be renamed the 1165 and 2331 euros, the ancient coins’ equivalent in euro currency, to “re-standardise the currency to prevent confusion among EU citizens”.

StanJames.com spokesperson Charlie McCann said, “This has thrown preparations for the race into complete disarray and both the Newmarket executive and ourselves are livid at this latest petty EU bureaucracy.

“This ludicrous decision will mean that race commentators Ian Bartlett and Simon Holt will need to be on their toes during the race just in case the exchange rate alters as the leaders enter the dip. It is possible that the race formerly known as the 2000 Guineas will start as the 2331 euros but finish as the 2335 euros.”