How Anyone Can Get Better At Horse Racing

You can have a good time merely following a horse race, but it’s even more enjoyable when you have an in-depth understanding of what’s going on.

And it’s even more fun when it feels like you know who will come out on top, or at least get a placed-finish before the race has even started.

Indeed, this is one of the most enjoyable things about horse racing: while you can enjoy it as a beginner, the deeper you dive, the more you’ll find that you love the sport.

If you’re looking for ways to become an expert at horse racing, then take a read of our tips below.

Learn The Basics

You can’t expect to have too much success on the course if you don’t know the basics! First of all, did you know that there are two types of racing in the UK?

There’s National Hunt racing, also known as Jumps Racing, which involves jumping over fences, hurdles and ditches, and Flat Racing, which are, just as the name suggests, flat races without jumps.

Though there’s sometimes some crossover, you’ll generally find that National Hunt races occur during the autumn and winter months, and flat racing during the summer.

As well as the type of race, another good thing to understand is the different surface types. If you see that the course is ‘firm’ or ‘good to firm,’ then that means it’s dry. Those types of conditions favour light and speedy horses, while wet conditions can be better suited to power horses.

At a minimum, you should know about those important horse racing factors, but of course, it’s possible to dive much deeper. Podcasts, books, documentaries… there’s no shortage of in-depth horse racing material out there!

Learn From The Experts

Of course, while it’s possible to dive into learning everything you need to know about horse racing, your schedule might not allow you to spend as much time conducting your research as you might like.

If time is limited, then take another route. There are experts that provide horse racing tips for all the big races, so you can have access to the need-to-know information without sacrificing all of your free time.

Plus, just by reading these tips, you’ll find that your understanding of the sport becomes much more pronounced.

Eyeing Confident Horses

If you’ve watched any professional sport at a higher level, you’ll know that sometimes, a person just seems destined to come out on top. They’ve got that look in their eye, that one that says they’re determined to deliver their best — and nothing’s going to stop them.

The same can be said of horses; it’s just that because people don’t usually inspect the mannerisms of horses as much, fewer people know what to look for.

If you’re watching horse racing in person, then there’s a lot of value in checking out the horses before the racing starts. If it seems calm, is holding its head high, and has a confident stride, then that’s a good sign that they’re going to deliver their best.

Stick With It

Finally, remember the tried and tested method of getting better at horse racing (or, for that matter, anything): stick with it!

No-one has an in-depth understanding of any sport when they first begin watching, especially not one as complicated as horse racing, a sport that seems simple on the surface, but which is anything but!

If you make a habit of regularly watching races, then you’ll find that you pick up the ins and outs of the sport sooner rather than later and that you enjoy the sport on a much deeper level, too.