Kieren Fallon Diet


Ever wondered how professional jockeys manage to keep their weight so low over such prolonged periods of time? Wonder no more because aside from the fact that John Francome, Channel 4 Racing, says they spend 10 years hungry, there are also some other vital components involved in maintaining such a strict regime.

Kieren Fallon is one of the most successful jockeys of all time and over the course of his career has had to maintain an almost impossible level of diet and fitness to remain competitive, so how does he do it? According to he says ‘If you cannot get to exercise as much as you need to, make sure that you control your weight by eating a healthy diet and grazing, like horses.” He goes on to say “We do not need to sit down to three meals a day and feel full and then empty. Keep your concentration levels up and graze on fresh fruit or nuts – or milk, that is a favourite of mine. It is filling and full of goodness.”

More specifically he says that “When it comes to eating right I stick to lean meats and seafood, lots of fruits and vegetables and no junk food. My typical diet helps build muscle tissue. I also take daily supplements for bone protection and nutritional support.”

Of course that’s easier said then done and we’re all guilty of munching on the odd bag of chips or a couple of biscuits but if it meant the difference between winning and losing and earning a living we might be a bit stricter on ourselves. Most of us are also a bit lazier than Kieren Fallon who says “I work out seven days a week in the gym or on the racetrack and gallops…I spend hours playing squash and swimming, this way I use different muscles. When I am working with my trainer or playing squash with a friend the challenge makes things interesting.”

So there you have it – The Jockey Diet – basically you need to be incredibly disciplined, driven and determined, never cheat, work out every single day for hours at a time and keep your calories to a minimum.

It may be a new year but even my desire to lose a couple of pounds isn’t so overwhelming that I could see myself taking up the Kieren Fallon diet, it just seems like a lot of very hard work!