How to Make Shrewd Sports Bets

For punters looking to gain an edge on the house, sports betting is the pinnacle. However, it’s surprising quite how few people go ahead and make an effort to gain an edge in the market. Instead, they treat sports betting like the toss of a coin: betting blindly and crossing their fingers.

So, with that in mind, this little guide will give you four big sports betting tips in order to help give you the edge against the bookmaker.

Bet on Markets with Fewer Variables
One of the best ways to avoid things going against your predictions is to bet and win, hopefully, on markets with fewer variables.

For example, tennis is a much more predictable sport than football. In tennis, you typically only have two players, a quiet crowd and perfect playing conditions.

Football, meanwhile, is based on the attitudes, fitness and emotions of 22+ players, two managers, a hostile crowd, three or more officials, and is played in all manner of conditions.

Also, a tennis match can’t be won or lost with just one point, whereas football can. Therefore, it’s clear to see that sports with fewer variables are much more predictable than volatile sports like football – making them much better for people looking to place sports bets.

Bet on What You Know
The second key rule to follow when making shrewd sports bets is to bet on what you know.

If you follow cricket religiously, use this to your advantage. If you love snooker, make use of your knowledge. Even if you’re a fan of a volatile sport like football, still use your knowledge of it – but beware of its unpredictability.

Bet on sports that you understand the dynamics of, ensuring that you won’t be left with any unknown elements. Which leads us on to the third and most crucial tip for sports betting fans.

Do Your Research
Do your research. Do. Your. Research.

It can’t be repeated enough. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who bet on sports blindly.

Open your eyes, check form guides, check team news, check injury news, check home form, check weather conditions. Knowledge really is power – especially if you’re looking to back an underdog.
Does that big team have a massive game in midweek? Maybe they’ll rest players for their next match… use this information to gain an edge.

Avoid Long Accumulators
If you want to bet shrewdly and have a genuine interest in trying to make a few quid, avoid long-shot accumulators.

The big odds and the idea of winning big are used to get your imagination running, but, in reality, you’re relying on a massive chunk of luck for such things to come – especially with unpredictable and volatile sports such as football.

Instead, focus in on your bets. And, as said in the previous point: Do your research.

The more detailed your bets the better, try and justify your bet to a friend before making it, look at the stats and avoid vast variables. And above all, good luck.