The Game Hunter is always looking for crazy bets to place. There is always something weird and wonderful that you can have a punt on. One bet that keeps popping up that is totally out of this world is – alien life being discovered!

Bookmakers like William Hill and Paddy Power have seen their odds, go up and down more times than the space shuttle. Odds have ranged from as high as 1000/1 then plummeted down to 20/1 in 2016.

The activity in 2016 caused some activist groups to apply huge pressure on governments. To come clean about alien life.

Leading UFO lobbyist Stephen Bassett gave a talk at The Alien Cosmic Expo 2016. He stated that he believed, the American Government had been covering up this information for many years.

But just when you think that the odds for betting on alien life could not get any lower.  Paddy Power went and slashed its odds to 5/1 in November 2018. This came after several commercial airline pilots reported sightings of UFOs. In fact in the skies over County Kerry, Ireland – there were multiple objects seen. The Irish Aviation Authority opened up an investigation into these sightings. This generated a huge media storm and the odds of Alien life being proven plummeted.

Paddy Power Slash Odds

On Alien Life to be proven – 5/1 (Nov 2019)

Paddy Power slashed the odds on Alien life being proven to 5/1 in November 2019. Visit P.P. online and navigate to the ‘Novelty Bets’ market to place your bet.

Do the Bookmakers already know something we don’t – maybe? The Odds being cut on Finding Alien life was cut to lower odds than a two time, back to back Grand National Winner.

Tiger Roll was the firm favourite at the 2019 Grand National. Romping home at odds of 8/1. Yet the odds on Alien Life dropped to 5/1 – think of it what you will. But there are plenty of things out there to suggest that the bookies maybe right, check out some stories below.


One of the biggest drops in the odds of Alien life being proven was back in 2016. Hilary Clinton looked like the clear favourite in the build-up to the US Presidential election, but Trump had other ideas. Donald Trump took a shock victory and Hilary seemed to disappear into obscurity.

Mid-campaign Hilary declared “She was going to get to the bottom” of extra-terrestrials. Advising that she would make public documentation that had been classified for years – I wonder if that’s why her emails were hacked. She has suggested that she thought aliens had already been here – but was not really sure. Was she referring to Donald Trump? A man whose hair looks like it evolved in another galaxy. Or was it Aliens that interfered with the election campaign.

Even John Podesta, Hilary’s leading advisor has vowed to disclose all government files on the subject if Hilary is elected as the first female President of America – Oops, well that didn’t work out so I guess we will never know.

As Hilary was way ahead in the polls, it is clear why bookies slashed the odds down to 20/1. But this vicious campaign put an end to any chance of Hilary releasing any confidential information on this matter. Who knows though, Donald Trump does keep going on about the truth or fake news. So Donald could hit us with one of his shocking surprises and tell us the truth.


“The aliens are coming! The aliens are coming!” High above a major city the cloud breaks. A huge spinning silver disc appears and slowly descends to the ground below. Traffic stops. Open mouthed crowds gather to watch. A door opens in the flawless shiny metal surface… “Take me to the Donald – I mean your Leader!”

It’s a scene that takes place in countless movies. But it’s same old questions that flash through your mind. Will they be friendly or hostile, tall silver robots or little green men, and will they play us a tune or attack us with a death-ray?

Extraterrestrials, aliens, beings from another world; they seem to have been around forever. However, there’s no concrete evidence, or at least public evidence, for their existence. Presidents and Prime Ministers may have more information though. Margaret Thatcher, was alledgedly briefed on alien landings by Ronald Reagan. Confided to author Georgina Bruni over dinner – “UFOs! You must get your facts right and you can’t tell the people.”

Of course, there are those that claim that they have always been here. They may even have created the human race! Some believe they are manipulating governments and events like the Presidential elections in 2016. As if we need Starmen giving us a three-fingered hand to mess things up.

They get blamed for everything: from the slaughter of cattle to the flattening of Siberian forests. Some even lay global warming at the Mothership’s doorstep.

But one thing is for sure, not that long ago it would have been out of this world to be betting on Alien life. However, as we search deeper into the universe with greater technology it appears that we may not be alone after all.

ANCIENT ALIENS – is it Worth Betting on Alien Life

In the forties the Roswell Incident in New Mexico caused a huge debate which goes on to this day. It’s claimed that a UFO and occupants crashed in the desert and the aliens captured and later dissected by the US military. At first the incident was confirmed, but later the statement changed; claiming that it was just a weather balloon. Cries of ‘cover up’ and ‘conspiracy’ followed – the first of many alien conspiracy theories.

In the seventies Erich von Däniken, author of famous and controversial ‘Chariots of The Gods’, suggested that gods and angels may have been intelligent aliens. In the Old Testament, The Book of Ezekiel describes a strange metal wheel-shaped flying object, and there are countless depictions of possible spacecraft from the Mayans to the Bayeux Tapestry. Even the Catholic Church declines a denial. Writing in the Vatican newspaper in 2008, astronomer and director of the Vatican Observatory, Father José Gabriel Funes, said that intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space.

The SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) program was instigated in the sixties to actively attempt to contact life on other planets. Since then the program has transmitted radio signals into space seeking contact – inadvertently defining intelligent life as “aliens with radios”. Of course humans were intelligent, self aware, even capable of speech long before they could listen to the Archers, but the SETI definition does pose the question ‘what does constitute intelligent alien life?’

We’ve all heard Star Trek’s Dr Leonard H. McCoy’s immortal line: “It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.” And really why should it be? Who’s to say that carbon based life forms are solely where it’s at? Could it be that ‘out there’ there are intelligent beings that are energy based? Perhaps even intelligent vegetable life forms capable of making themselves into minestrone soup.

The search for ET has become a Holy Grail. In May 2011, a planet in the Gliese system was found capable of sustaining life. According to France’s National Centre for Scientific Research, Gliese 581d, which orbits a red dwarf 20 light years away, exists in the “Goldilocks zone” (where water could be present) and is large enough to have a stable carbon dioxide atmosphere and warm enough to have oceans, clouds, and rainfall.

Of course Mork might exist much closer to home, maybe just around the corner in astronomical terms. Titan and Enceladus, both moons of Saturn, and Jupiter’s moon, Europa, are believed to possess many of the conditions required to support life. American astronomer, Carl Sagan, claimed that microbes could exist in cloud layers 50 km above the surface of Venus, and of course… there’s always Mars.

As David Bowie, who was once rumoured to be an alien himself, asked: “Is there life on Mars?” But despite many unmanned probes, it remains a question that’s never really been answered. Large expanses of water are thought to have existed on Mars in the past, and the liquid could still be beneath its surface. In July 2008, NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander identified water in a soil sample and there’s methane (a plant generated gas) in the atmosphere.

“If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.”

Perhaps we’ll learn more from the unmanned Science Laboratory Curiosity, which recently landed on Mars. The $2.5 billion nuclear-powered machine has10 on-board science instruments designed to find out if Mars could (or does) support life. There are claims of evidence of life on Mars already. In 1996 structures that looked like bacteria were discovered in a meteorite that was formed when a rock was ejected from Mars, and recently re-analysed soil samples from the Seventies Viking probe suggest that – ‘It’s 99% certain there is life on Mars.’

Not everyone wants to find Daleks though. Physicist, Stephen Hawking, warns that humans should not try to make contact; warning that aliens might pillage Earth for resources. “If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans”.

The maths is interesting too. The Drake equation calculates the number of planets harbouring intelligent life by considering a number of life-supporting factors. Drake’s equation shows that hundreds of thousands of life-bearing planets should exist. It also shows that a planet similar to the Earth should exist no more than a few hundred light years away.

It was Professor Ogilvy, the astronomer in The War Of The Worlds famously said ‘The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one’ well, those odds are not available anymore! It seems that the odds of extra-terrestrial life being discovered are shortening all the time.

Paddy  Power are always offering Special Bets. But one of the biggest names in the industry, William Hill are known to offer this bet too.