Outside Bets: The Hidden Gems Of Sport

A glance at the betting markets in your average shop or online betting destination these days might give you the impression that football betting, casino games, poker, and horse racing are the markets to be involved in.

But in the modern age of global, 24-hour sport, it is easier than ever to bet on some of the more obscure sports that don’t necessarily get as much coverage in the media.

The advantage of betting on the bigger, more popular sports is the vast amount of information available to help you build a strategy, and the internet makes it easy for anyone to become an aficionado of particular football teams, or to track the form of a tennis player competing on the other side of the world.

But there are some great betting opportunities to be had in the sports that don’t grab as many headlines, with fantastic odds available that often go unnoticed and underexploited by gamblers.

Here are three of the less-talked-about sports that have a lot to offer the modern gambler.


Betting on greyhounds needn’t mean a cold night out at Doncaster dogs, huddling on the terraces with a pint of flat beer and a pamphlet of odds.

That might be the history of greyhound racing, but it’s not necessarily its future now that anyone can watch live greyhounds streaming online at playlivestream.com and track the form of particular dogs online.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey might be big business in North America, where crowds of up to 22,000 people cram into arenas around the continent every weekend to watch their favourite teams tough it out on the ice.

But in the UK it remains one of the smaller sports, and even the NHL doesn’t have a huge following over here.

You can carve out your own little niche in ice hockey betting by utilising form guides, ice hockey news sites, and online streaming services to get a grasp of the best odds and make it a part of your gambling strategy.



Following snooker used to be a somewhat drawn-out pastime, involving long hours listening to John Virgo commentate on matches that didn’t necessarily offer much in the way of thrills and spills.

But, thanks to the wealth of betting information available online, you can make informed bets on the top snooker competitions without watching the games.

Now is a great time to get into snooker, as the dominance of players like Ronnie O’Sullivan and John Higgins is broken by newcomers like Stuart Bingham, making for some exciting games and attractive odds.