Prince Harry’s Photo Finish

The recent antics for Prince Harry have certainly busted one big myth… ‘What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas’. Harry, the third in line to the throne has been at the centre of a media storm since photos of the Prince partying naked in Las Vegas turned up on an American celebrity news website.

British newspapers have been wary of publishing the photos, largely due to the fall out from Leveson Enquiry. No doubt fleet Street is also worried about the repercussions from angering the Palace. However, this hasn’t stopped the Sun Newspaper from breaking ranks with the rest of the press and publishing the photos today under the headline ‘Heir It Is’.

Personally, the Prince has gone up in my estimation since the news broke, Harry is certainly one of the nations favourite Royals and his boyish charms seem to make him impervious to what many would deem negative press coverage. All the same, many reputations and careers have been finished when a compromising photo falls into the wrong hands.

This latest scandal has actually seen the popularity of the Prince rise among his age group, even leading to several bookmakers giving odds on what the wayward Prince might do next. Paddy Power Bookmakers have odds on a number of unlikely scenarios. The most outlandish being 500/1 on Harry posing naked for Playgirl magazine or how about 20/1 on Harry entering Rehab in the U.S.? However, you could have a little punt on Harry lose the ‘Crown Jewels’ at the roulette – 66/1. Granny wouldn’t be amused!

In his recent Las Vegas show Dane Cook opened with the following line “…great to be back here in Vegas….you know how they say ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’….? Well I have a new saying….if it happens in Vegas, and I see it….I’m fuckin’ telling EVERYBODY!!” Prince Harry take note.