Rooney Baby Name Odds

Looks like when you’re married to an incredibly wealthy footballer you can forgive just about anything which is no doubt what Mrs Wayne Rooney was thinking when she decided that it would be a fantastic idea to have another baby.

As you can imagine the Daily Mail crew have been working overtime to get snaps of Coleen in every conceivable situation since the impending mini Rooney announcement was made – I should add that that includes opening a car door *sighs despairingly*.

And with so much shopping and so little time, it’s nice that William Hill Bookmakers have decided to open the odds on the baby’s name so if either of them has any sense they’ll stick £1 million quid on the name Satsuma at 250/1 and forever condemn the little tike to a torrent of ribbing but with £250 mill in the bank, it might soften the blow!

Of course, that’s highly unlikely and I certainly don’t advocate naming your children after pieces of fruit – sorry Gwyneth, Chris and of course baby Apple! – so if you think the Rooney’s may opt for something a little more traditional then maybe Tommy at 6/1 is more your idea of a safe bet.

Alex is there at 12/1, the assumption being that Wayne will tip his cap to his boss Sir Alex, because yes, we all call our kids after our bosses?!?

Ethan and Richie are at 20/1 and assuming that it may, in fact, be a girl, you could decide to stick a few quid on Laura at 25/1 or Isabella at 50/1.

Whatever your particular preference, if indeed you even care at all, head to William Hill Bookmakers – Rooney Baby Name Specials for the full run down available!

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