The Best Betting Strategies

Sports betting offers bettors the opportunity to win in the long term and make a profit doing it.  

Sports betting allows players to enjoy long term wins. A big part of the popularity of sports betting is that bettors can watch the game where they have placed their bet.  

Pick One Team

There are literally hundreds of different games with different betting lines to pick from. With all of this variety it is possible for bettors to make the mistake of trying to make too many bets on too many teams.  

For those with a big bankroll this kind of strategy will work, but this does not allow for bettors to make an informed well thought out decision.  

It is advisable to focus on one team and preferably one sport. By focusing on one sport or team you can learn as much as you can which will also reduce the time which would usually be spent researching every match up.  

Watching past games of the team and studying player and coach tendencies will help you make a decision. You should also stick with a team or sport throughout the season. Focusing on one team means that you will gain invaluable insight and will earn them a long term benefit.

Bankroll Management

The majority of low stakes punters will put a large amount of money into each of their bets. They are not as concerned about losing money as they do not make large bets.

For bettors who take sports betting more seriously they should place smaller bets on each event.

Sports betting is not consistent and even professional bettors will have losing streaks. Most professionals are careful with their money and will bet about 1% to 2% of their bankroll on each sporting event or team.  

This will reduce the risk of losing too much bankroll. It is not easy to stay disciplined and make smaller bets especially if on a winning streak, but is an important part of sports betting.

Strategy Software

There is software that can be used to create strategies. These programs are actually large databases that have categories such as team rank, opponent rank, team vs team, when they played, were they underdog or favourite and the money line range.  

Bettors then capture this data and see how their team measure up to other teams and also notice trends that other bettors will not pick up. There are also free database calculators, which offer a simpler option and give bettors some good options.  

Many of these programs may be a little complex in the beginning, but once all the data has been inputted bettors will find it a very useful tool that will give them a significant edge.

Betting Systems

Betting systems form part of all types of betting and this includes sports betting. Systems are betting patterns that bettors can follow with regard to winning and losing streaks. The Martingale system is the most well-known and bettors double each bet after a loss.  

More complicated systems like the Labouchere entail writing down a series of numbers and then adding them up and place a bet. If there is a win the two numbers at the end are marked off. If a bettor loses the amount that was lost is added to the losing number at the end of the series of numbers.  

Betting systems are fun and a good way to introduce some variety into sports betting. Nearly all systems however should be used with caution as they do not guarantee success.