The Next Great Betting Experience: In-play Betting

Few things bring excitement to sports entertainment like sports betting. Online betting has made it far more convenient to place bets and follow odds than using a brick and mortar casino or bookie. Many online casinos and sports bookies have implemented in-play betting to offer even more excitement to the sports betting enthusiast.

In-play betting allows an online bookie to offer a user the ability to place a bet while a game or match is in progress. These bets can be on the outcome of the match or even individual events within the match. Odds change with the ebb-and-flow of the match, often pausing after significant events to allow time for the odds to be updated. An incredible number of sports are covered. European football, American gridiron, baseball, and cricket are all options. Many sites offer in-play betting on less popular sports, but it is ordinarily heavily broadcast sports and games that are supported. Sometimes, the choice of games may be limited to those being broadcast, but it depends on the bookie or casino.

In-play betting can make a match between your favourite team and their most fierce rival even more exciting. Further, it can make a match for which you normally wouldn’t care about the outcome of an entertaining event. For instance, during the course of a European football game, the odds will change after each significant event, such as goal, a penalty kick, or even a red card for an important player. As the odds are updated, you can place additional bets on the outcome of the game.

Even more exciting are bets made on individual events within the match. Do you think the next attempt on the goal will result in a save? Do you have a firm belief in which striker will score the next goal? Do you think the most recent goal will be the final goal of the game? You can bet on all of these possibilities, and many more.

If in-play betting interests you, it is offered by many online bookies and casinos. Some provide more possibilities for betting than others, some provide more sports, and some updated the odds more frequently. Pick a company that suits your needs, and enjoy your in-play betting!

Top In-play Betting Sites

VC Bet
Now known as Betvictor, this site has it all including an excellent in-play betting option that can only enhance your sport viewing pleasure. VC Bet has an excellent sign-up bonus if you haven’t already registered with them.

One of the first sites to bring in-play betting to the masses, this site features many sports to wager on and Ladbrokes also comes with an excellent registration bonus and money-back offers.

Another one of our favourite in-play betting sites Totesport has an excellent interface with a large amount of various sports to wager on.