Why Is Online Bingo So Big?

Online bingo is the fastest-growing game online, including fruit machines, poker and non-wagering multiplayer environments. When you consider that this game was once the sole domain of old ladies, it truly is astounding. So what has changed? Why is online bingo so big and still growing?


Accessibility is the number reason. Prior to the World Wide Web, people had to visit a local bingo hall. There was a barrier, perhaps a social stigma even, due to stereotypes about bingo players. Thanks to the Internet, those barriers no longer exist, and players can enjoy the game whenever it’s convenient.


Online bingo lends itself to kicking back and relaxing. All online games allow you to play from the comfort of your own home, but thanks to auto-tap features and the like, bingo allows you to play hands-free and even while zoning out.

Social Component

Online bingo gives you the opportunity to meet many new people and actually build relationships. Online bingo even has built-in downtime between games, and most online bingo halls provide social lubrication in the form of chat games.

Win Frequency

Bingo may not always let you win big, but it does let you win more often. Most people will win on at least one card each time they play, and that’s a good feeling to experience.

Cost to Time

An important aspect of online bingo strategy is maximizing your time and bankroll. Doing that, most players can afford to play whenever they like, and that is a significant difference from most other online games.


Online bingo is accessible, relaxing, social, exciting and affordable. Most importantly, bingo is fun. A newbie can sit down to his or her very first game and have a blast. There aren’t too many other games that can make such a claim.