Millions of people are going crazy over bingo! There has been a massive resurgence in recent years, particularly with the developments in online bingo. So what is the reason behind our love of all things bingo?

The prizes may not be as high as some other casino games such as slots or poker, but bingo has much to offer. For those on a small or fixed budget, your money can go a long way with online bingo. Instead of playing 50p per spin on a slot which is over in seconds, that same 50p can buy you bingo cards to multiple games, giving you a lot more playing time.

Mecca Bingo


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Online bingo sites are bright, fun and colourful places to play at. And more importantly, they are very friendly. This all adds to the bingo-playing experience.

Online Bingo Cash Prizes

There is a distinct advantage to playing bingo over other casino games. When you play slots or roulette, you are playing against a computer. That computer already has a specific payout rate programmed into it. Big slots with huge jackpots can have thousands of people playing at any time. Whether you win or not is down to an algorithm.

However, with bingo, you only play against those in the room with you. So if only 20 people turn up to play a specific game, you have a much better chance of winning. And those prizes can really be impressive. Specific online bingo sites such as Tombola, Mecca Bingo or Jackpotjoy will have their own specific jackpot nights with thousands of pounds up for grabs.

They always have games with bigger prizes, such as £1000 per full house. And they always give you plenty of notice about the jackpot games. Just check the homepage of each online bingo site to see when the games are scheduled.

Non Cash Prizes

One of the great things about online bingo prizes is that they’re not all cash. Depending on the promotion, you could win anything from hampers to holidays. Jackpotjoy is particularly good at this. With free daily prize draws and giveaways, they really know what their customers want.

You can also check out prizes that are tie-ins with other promotions. You may even win tickets to a live X Factor Show or sort all your Christmas pressie needs by winning a great prize bundle. Just check the promotions pages for any of the bingo places you play on to find out what is on offer.

Playing Online Bingo For Fun

However, it is not just the prizes that lure us in! It’s fun and camaraderie! Many games online are played simply for the gambling aspect, whereas bingo does not focus on this. It is the social aspect that appeals to many. You might start off as a stranger to everyone else, but you quickly make friends!

Everyone is so helpful, and they all want the other players to do well, learn about the site and the games and have a good old natter! The prizes are just a bonus! Losing doesn’t break anyone’s heart or bank balance, and playing bingo online is considered a hobby – not a gambling addiction!!

While the big bingo sites do offer ever-greater prizes, due to competition from other sites, it has to be recognised that as long as there are chatrooms and other players to get along with, then there will always be people playing bingo online!

If you have never played bingo either at a ‘real’ bingo hall or online, then there is a little to learn before you proceed. But don’t worry, there isn’t much, and it’s not at all difficult. Most bingo sites have a page dedicated to telling you the rules and intricacies of the game, depending on what way they do things at that particular site.

What You Need To Know

Here are some basic and important things you need to know before playing online bingo:

You will have to set up an account, which means depositing some funds so that you can start playing. Most sites have new customer welcome offers. These can include a cash match on your first deposit, free bingo games or even free spins on their slots section.

Adding funds is easy and can be done with a debit card. Please note, as of 2020, you cannot use a credit card on UK gambling sites.

If you are a bit of an online game newbie, don’t worry about this – all the bingo sites I listed have been checked for security, fairness and game quality.

If you’re not too confident, there are always free bingo games for you to start out in and get into your stride! But remember the golden rule of bingo – you’re there to have fun!