World Cup Catchphrase Bingo

The 2018 World Cup is finally here and to ensure you don’t miss any action, the commentators and presenters will be on hand talking through every unforgettable moment.

But don’t you think the commentators always same the same thing?

There is no doubt we tend to hear ‘’he was leaning back on that shot’’, ‘’it’s a game of two halves’’ or my favourite ‘’that was miles offside’’ almost in every match.

So to add a bit of fun, we have put together the catchphrases you’re likely to hear during the upcoming World Cup games for your very own game of bingo.

If you have played Paddy Power bingo online, then you’ll know the bingo rules are very straight-forward.

So next time you’ve got the lads round all you need to do is watch the match and tick off (or take a drink) every time you hear the following:

16 annoying football clichés
1. A game of two halves
2. Goals wins games
3. They scored too early
4. Schoolboy defending
5. Yard of pace
6. Cultured left foot
7. He’s given110%
8. He’s got genuine pace
9. A good time to score
10. A team that likes to play football
11. In his locker
12. This game needs a goal
13. He was in acres of space
14. A no-nonsense player
15. Some tired legs out there
16. A bit of ‘handbags’ going on there

So try it out and play World Cup catchphrase bingo yourself. But don’t worry if you’re not the winner today, players will get another chance at winning same time next Friday!