5 Classic Lucky Rituals Superstitious People Try At Casinos

Superstition is a phenomenon that people have been following for thousands of years. Whether you believe in it or not, there’s no denying that many millions of people believe in this sort of thing and practise all sorts of rituals to either bring about good luck or ward off bad luck.

Of course, many superstitions to do with gambling – it’s no surprise, after all, given that gambling is largely about luck. If you’re the superstitious type, here are five classic lucky rituals you ought to try. Though there’s no guarantee they’ll bring you good luck!

Holding good luck charms

You’ve all heard of lucky charms such as four leaf clovers, horseshoes and rabbit’s feet – these and many more are believed to bring good fortune to hopeful gamblers.

Lucky charms can be anything and the possibilities are practically endless: coins, pieces of jewelry, stuffed toys and figurines. A particularly popular one is the Japanese maneki-neko, a plastic or ceramic cat figurine beckoning with its right paw.

If a superstitious gambler thinks a particular object is lucky in any way, chances are they’ll take that object with them in the hope that it will help them land them a big win.

Even when playing online casino, many will hold their lucky charm close to them while they gamble from the comfort of their homes.

Kissing the dice

While some believe that blowing on the dice before rolling them will result in them producing the desired total, some go a step further and will actually kiss the dice. There are even some who will actually lick them!

Though kissing and licking the dice are considered lucky by some, there are plenty of others who find it quite an unhygienic thing to do, especially if the dice are passed around and used by multiple players, as they often are.

A more socially agreeable thing to do is to simply blow on the dice instead.

Wearing lucky clothing

If you land a big win, would you wear the exact same clothes next time you go to a casino? That’s what quite a few gamblers do.

They’re convinced it’s their outfit that brought them the luck they needed to win. Therefore, each and every subsequent time they visit a casino, they will make sure they’re wearing the exact same clothes as they wore on the day they got lucky.

The whole, entire outfit has to be replicated, otherwise it just won’t work. As the superstition goes, your luck will dramatically decrease even if the only thing different about your clothing is a new pair of socks.

It’s either all or nothing. So if you frequent casinos and you happen to spot someone who’s always wearing the same clothes, now you know why.

Bringing someone with you

For some gamblers, bringing a lucky charm or wearing lucky clothes isn’t enough to improve their odds. They have to have another person by their side while they play.

For some, it’s the same idea as the lucky clothing superstition. They were with such-and-such a person when they won, so they feel that person is their good luck charm.

For others, they simply like to have moral support and think that having someone they know will help them feel at ease and will in turn make them more likely to succeed.

So-called ‘lucky companions’ can often be seen cheering their friend/family member on and doing things like blowing on the dice before it’s rolled for good luck.

Leaving the table

Some think that their absence from a game will decrease their chances of winning; others think leaving the table will actually improve their chances.

Those who can’t bear to leave the table tend to believe that they have to be fully focused on the game at all times. For example, they can’t take their eyes off it or let anything distract them, otherwise the game will become unfavorable for them.

Those who leave the table thinking it will increase their chances also do things like looking away from the game and standing up mid-game all in an attempt to better their odds.

Of course there’s no conclusive evidence to suggest that any of these rituals can actually help you win. Even so, there are a surprising number of gamblers who take things like this seriously and will follow their own rituals every time they visit a casino.

While we’ve only talked about rituals that are supposed to bring good luck, there are some associated with bad luck, such as counting your money at the table, crossing your legs, using unlucky numbers or colors and even using $50 bills.

Some take these superstitions seriously and some think of them as a bit of fun.