5 Interesting Facts About Slot Machines

Pub Slot Machine

Slots games weren’t invented with the internet. These one-armed bandits have been staples at land-based casinos around the world for a long time and have evolved adapting to players’ tastes and expectations.

In recent years the Vegas strip favourites have become insanely popular online. We even have sites and bookmaker sections solely dedicated to them in the UK. It would seem that people just can’t get enough of the spinning reels.

So, for all you slot fanatics here is some fun facts about slots. Some might be useful tips, others are just cool peculiarities that make for interesting dinner conversations.

The Symbols

Old school slot machines often have cherries and lemons depicted on their reels, and these are known as fruit machines. Incredibly popular in the UK, they are different from slots and have specific features that mean players need skill as well as luck.

But how did the fruit end up on the reels in the first place? Back in the early 1900s, the first slots came from the Bell Fruit Company.They were manufactured by the Herbert Mills, and these machines also gave out chewing gum.

The fruit symbols on slot machines showed the different gum flavours available.

The Warm Coin Myth

There is a myth that a coin’s temperature will affect the slot’s payout. Some players will warm up their coins, while others will chill their coins. This is just nonsense.

The temperature of the coin does not affect the random number generator, which is the mechanism that ultimately leads to a win or a loss.

Slot Scams

Warming or chilling coins aren’t the only ways people have tried to cheat. Others, most famously Louis B. Colavecchio, aka “The Coin”, an American casino counterfeiter, was famous for trying to scam slot machines by pressing fake coins.

Eventually, he got caught and was convicted in 1988, and casinos began moving towards paper vouchers instead of coins for cashouts.

Hot Slots

A lot of people think that if a slot hasn’t paid out in a while then it should payout soon. This is a technically flawed approach.

Slots are designed to pay out randomly – slots today (both online and offline) use a random number generator (RNG) that ensures each and every outcome is random.

Each spin is unrelated to the spins that have happened before. Playing on a slot that hasn’t paid out in a long time does not increase your chances of winning.

Progressive Jackpots

The progressive jackpot slot is an innovation available solely at online casinos. Progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah are games that are networked between different online casinos via the web.

Through this online network, progressive jackpots are significantly bigger than what you can win at a land-based casino. Payouts are often in the millions. Indeed one lucky UK player landed a record-breaking 17 million pound jackpot.

There are lots more facts about slots and interesting stories to tell. That’s no surprise since slots have been around for over 200 years and are one of the most popular online games today.

And with new technology, this beloved game is going through even more innovations and more history will be surely written!