Keno is a gambling game that is growing in popularity, which has now seen it become a regular force across the world both online and on the casino floors. Here we cover a guide on what Keno is and the rules behind it.

How Does The Gambling Game Keno Work?

Keno is played using cards with numbers that range from 1 to 80. It is a similar approach to the lottery, with players choosing numbers to bet on. Then 20 numbers are randomly drawn using a ball machine or through a number generator.

Players will then be paid out based on how many of their numbers are drawn in comparison to how much they have wagered. Keno is now a popular game both online and on the casino floor.

Common Terminology Used In Keno?

  • Race – a game of Keno is commonly known as a race
  • Ticket – the betting cards used when picking numbers
  • Spots – the numbers that are picked by players
  • Catching a spot – when a drawn number matches a player’s pick
  • Pay table – the pay-out’s, which is based on how many numbers are drawn in total and how many spots a player chooses. It also is based on how much has been wagered by players

Choose Spots

There are usually 1 to 10 spots available per player out of the 80 numbers that are on offer on each keno ticket. This is normally even greater in casinos, in which players can usually pick up to 15 spots per draw in some cases.

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How many of these spots are chosen will then influence how much is paid out. Also, if playing online it usually gives an indication of the potential pay-out depending on what has been chosen by each player.


For most players, it is typical for a lower wager to be spread across a higher amount of spots and races. However, some may choose to stake a higher bet but fewer numbers, which if successful will vastly increase their pay-out. The wager is based around per number of races.

An example – if a player wages £1, chooses five spots but only one race, then they are wagering £1. You should stick to what works best for you as part of your Keno strategy.

Choosing The Number Of Races

For online Keno players, they have the option of using the same set of spots across numerous races. There are endless games on offer for players who can then choose to keep their same spots even up to ten games in a row. This is also common online, as they offer feature games for people looking to play 5 or 10 in a row. So people can simply keep playing unlimited games with their desired spots.


What is paid out depends on a large number of different factors and can also change across different online platforms and casinos. The payout on the table is calculated by the number of spots that are chosen by players and how many spots they then catch. This is all then multiplied by the ratio of the player’s original bet, in comparison to the base rate of the paytable.



All casino games have a house advantage, so Keno is no different and this is normally around 20% in favour. These are good to monitor as you can then look at catching a certain number of spots on a table that is likely to payout. By doing this, you can give yourself a greater chance of success when playing the game.