Avoid Scam Casinos

How to Avoid Casino Scams

One of the main reasons people go and play at a casino is that it’s fun. However, as with anything else that you do in today’s advanced world you need to be cautious. There are lots of scammers out there attempting to trick you out of your money and online casinos are a prime target.

Winning at casino games is difficult enough without the added insult of a scam casino running off with your hard-earned cash. So how do you avoid a scam casino?

I’ve put together a few tips and some common sense guidance so you can protect yourself!

Here are my tips for avoiding being stung by a dodgy online casino.

Only Use Licensed Casinos

The first thing you need to do is make sure the online casino you’re thinking about joining is licensed. Look for this information on the casino’s website.

Most reputable casinos are licensed in recognised territories or countries. Legally you cannot register an online casino in the United Kingdom, so many online casinos that cater to players from the United Kingdom register in UK protectorate territories like Gibraltar.

A few big casino names registered there include: Ladbrokes Casino, 32 Red Casino, and William Hill Casino. Other popular casino licenses are also granted from Malta, Alderney and the Isle Of Man.

Look For the Online Casinos License and Audit Payout Figures

Look for the Online Casinos License and Audit Payout Figures

You can normally find all the legal information on a casino at the bottom of its homepage. As you can see in the example above if you can’t find this information be wary.

Also check to see that a casino has 24/7 customer support, and call them up to verify the number. You can also email the customer support desk, if they’re slow responding to simple requests for information, then don’t expect great service if something actually goes wrong.

Check The Payout Percentages Or RTP

Make sure you look at a casinos ‘payout percentages’. This tells you the percentage of money the casino pays out to customers.

A fair casino would typically have a payout rate of around 95% ~ 97%. This does not mean that if you deposited and played £100 that you’d only lose £5 of that £100. You could well lose it all without winning anything back! The RTP is an overall amount paid out across all customers, not individuals.

For instance, when you play an online slot machine there will always be an info tab or more details. You should always take a look at this for the RTP (Return to Player). This is the same as the payout percentage.

Typically the RTP will sit anywhere between 90% and 98%. That percentage is set over a large number of spins. However, it’s fair to say that a high percentage will give you a much higher chance of a payout.

So, how can you trust these percentages? The industry is heavily regulated in favour of the customer. The Gambling Commission has been in operation since 2005 and do a great job at stopping Casino Scams. There are comprehensive remote tests carried out and audited. And there are heavy penalties involved for those who show any sign of displaying scamming techniques.

Always check on the Terms and Conditions

It seems obvious but do read the Terms and Conditions of the online casino. Don’t be complacent, especially with the terms on bonuses, which can be confusing.

Most casinos will offer new customers an incentive to join and wildly over the top bonuses could well be worth avoiding. Some casinos will not allow you to withdraw bonuses or money won when using bonus cash.

You may have to play a minimum number of high-risk games to release winnings or bonus cash. Bonuses cause the greatest number of complaints against online casinos so check them out in full before you deposit any money!

Finally don’t start gambling large sums of money at a casino until you are happy with the site. Try small amounts, cash out winnings and see how fast you get paid.

Once you’re happy then maybe think about raising the stakes. And if you are still unsure of choosing a casino, then check out our casino’s page. Each of these casinos has been around for a long time and are the most reputable names in the industry.