A Beginners Guide to Online Casino

A Beginers guide to Online Casinos

The online casino market is teeming with options. There has been an impressive surge in online casino growth in the past few years and it’s showing no signs of slowing down, with a forecasted 10.16% CAGR growth in global casino market during the period 2017 – 2021. And that’s fantastic news! Only, it does leave the users slightly confused, especially if they’re new to the market and cannot make heads or tails of anything.
This is why we took it upon ourselves to help you out when you’re still making your first baby steps into the fascinating world of online casino. Follow our helpful guide and you’ll be casino-savvy in no time. And that’s a promise.

First things first: SECURITY.

Although online casinos are kept under close scrutiny from regulators worldwide, you will always find the errant casino which manages to slip between the cracks. This might make them potentially hazardous to you and your money and you’d do well to steer clear. How to tell whether an online casino is safe or not? Your first safe house should be right here, at thegamehunter.co.uk, where we meticulously review casinos for you and rate them according to different aspects we feel make a casino trustworthy, including reputation and honesty. You can also check out the casino’s regulatory body.

The regulatory body is the institution that takes good care of doing background research on the casino, making sure nothing smells too fishy. To name a few reputable jurisdictions, we have Alderney, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Malta and the UK top the list. You can find their emblems at the very bottom of the website in question, together with the eCOGRA sign (casino auditors who make sure games are fair and honest) another sure sign that you’re in safe hands. Yet another small security verification you can do is making sure the connection to the website is safe by checking the level of encryption.

The next step – Understanding Online Casinos

The first thing you must know is that the odds will always be stacked in the House’s favour. Online casino algorithms were developed with the casino’s profit in mind, so they will definitely come on top in the long run. Having said this – you CAN win, but only in the short term. This is very important to keep in mind especially when budgeting how much money you can actually afford to lose. Never treat online gambling as your main source of income as it is risky and is not exactly the best solution for a healthy return on investment – on the contrary!

However, we all know how thrilling a casino game is and treating it as just that, a relaxing pastime, will keep you out of any sort of monetary trouble. Remember to always play the games with the best odds, like Blackjack, where we have seen people win big money, through a combination of luck and skill. Which leads us onto our next point…

Know your game WELL

A recommendation is that you learn your game – and we really cannot stress this enough. Knowing the game well gives you a significant head start and greater chances of winning. Many people believe casino games are only a matter of chance but there are a number of games that involve strategy and fast thinking and do not rely solely on the favour of Lady Luck. Understand the probabilities of winning over losing each game separately so you can make wiser choices when it comes to carrying on playing – or stopping while you’re on top.

Understanding Casino BONUSES

Due to a large number of casinos on the market as we mentioned above, every individual casino tries to attract customers by offering attractive bonuses. What they are basically offering, is monetary rewards to entice you to play even more. Sometimes, as is the case with Paddy Power for example, they even give you free credit, with no deposit required! Watch out for bonuses with very high wages required however as you’ll probably end up spending much more than you bargained for. Don’t be afraid to go for offers and promotions however, and if they’re giving you free slots, go for them! You have literally nothing to lose.

Know your Payment and Withdrawing Options

Before committing to any casino, check their withdrawal and payment options, to see whether or not it is easy for you to deposit or withdraw easily at any given time. Do they accept credit cards? Or do you require an e-wallet? If so, do your homework well: check what credit cards they accept and how you can withdraw your winnings, whether it’s through cheque, wire transfer or by opening a Neteller account, with which you can both deposit and withdraw in case the online casino does not accept the credit cards you own.

Our one last tip: enjoy it, within limits. Nothing is fun when taken to extremes and becoming a compulsive gambler can create problems not just for you but also for the people around you. So know your limits before you click that button and stick to them even when you’re on a winning streak.
If you think you’re now well equipped to face online casinos, why not have a look at our news section? Here we talk about the highlights of the betting world while giving you some handy tips to make the most of each season. Keep in mind rule number one, the golden rule: always quit when you’re on top. Till the next!