Ever heard of the phrase “subdue the enemy without fighting”? It originated from the Chinese war general Sun Tzu. He said it hundreds of years ago, but it’s as relevant to blackjack businesses today as it was to China 500BC.

UK-based blackjack sites are at war with one another, and this battle will only heat up in 2020. A new gambling site crops up every month, but there are only so many blackjack players in Britain. To succeed, here are six things the best blackjack sites must do.

1: Solve Players’ Pain Points

There’s no short route. Blackjack sites that want to dominate the market in 2020 must identify all the issues faced by players and solve them. For starters, they need to improve customer support drastically. It’s one of the biggest problems players complain about all year round.

Of course, there are blackjack platforms that provide top-notch customer help around the clock. But generally, most online casinos could do better when it comes to providing customer service. Support staff must also be knowledgeable about players’ issues and be more professional when handling complaints.

Besides customer support, blackjack apps need to work on their payment speeds, at least if they want to stay in business in 2020. With so many slots sites with blackjack games these days, players will have more platforms to play 21. And as it’s the standard, gamblers love websites that process their money fast.

2: Provide Unique Services

The UK’s blackjack market is undeniably crowded, and that means businesses that want to thrive in 2020 must start finding ways to expand. By expansion, blackjack sites will need to offer unique services that can help build their brand names.

Popular casino website PlayOJO, for example, provides completely wager-free bonuses. Predictably, it’s growing in popularity due to that feature alone. 888 Casino, on the other hand, built its brand years ago by continuously offering great games and stellar customer support services.

The best online blackjack sites, especially the current top blackjack sites listed here, all offer unique services. Mansion Casino, for instance, takes pride in having an extensive library of games from Playtech. Others offer loyalty points that players could later redeem for free games.

In 2020, the top blackjack sites will continue to figure out how to be unique. Some might introduce same-day payments, increase their overall payout rates, or re-invent their bonus systems. Regardless, they will want to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

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3: Provide Great Value for Players’ Money

Online casinos exist to make money. But the same also applies to players. Unlike other businesses, it’s not just the blackjack sites that care about profits. Players also want to rack up their bottom line, and they are perennially finding casinos that give them great value for their cash.

More precisely, players want casinos that offer high-paying games. They want payouts without fees, bonuses with manageable playthroughs, and websites that don’t crash. Basically, players love casinos that offer top-notch services all-round.

Of course, blackjack sites aren’t created equal. Some companies prefer to give out huge no deposit bonuses with many wagering requirements rather than small rewards with no conditions. Others specialize in offering popular blackjack types alone instead of including slots and poker games, as well.

So, blackjack sites will need to figure out who their target markets are and find out to provide excellent value to their players.

4: Adopt Technology Fast

The online blackjack industry would be nothing without technology. Tech inventions like mobile devices, new coding languages, and 3D graphics helped elevate online casinos into multi-billion pound industries. Surprisingly, some companies ignored these inventions and were forced out of business.

In 2020, online casinos will continue to sift through the broad industry of technology to find useful innovations. Presently, mobile gaming, virtual currencies, and streaming are the most prominent inventions buzzing the sector.

However, AR and VR are also projected to play a crucial role in advancing the online gambling business sector. Blackjack sites that could integrate VR and AR to their businesses successfully will almost be guaranteed to dominate British markets. Very few blackjack sites support VR, meaning there’s room for more companies to adopt the technology.

5: Keep up with Competitors

One of the best ways to stay a step in front of competitors is to know their services, strengths, and weaknesses. UK-based blackjack sites will need this skill in 2020. As competition in the casino industry stiffens, upcoming businesses will need to watch out for what successful casinos do and copy their moves.

Online casinos already copy everything from one another. From their web designs to bonus offers, payment methods, to customer support channels, you could think the same company operates most casinos.

In 2020, blackjack sites will not only need to borrow a leaf from their competitors, but they will also need to offer better services. If a casino adopts its rival’s 100% deposit bonus, it could improve this offer by setting better wagering requirements.

6: Become Customer Focused

Blackjack sites seldom interact with their customers. Surprisingly, all the big brands are now shifting their marketing objectives toward engaging with their clients and improving their services based on their feedback.

Most casino players would be excited to help their favorite blackjack sites serve them better. Of course, they would appreciate it more to get bonuses in exchange for quick surveys. But through this interaction, casinos can find precisely what their customers want and solve these problems.

Besides engaging with customers, blackjack sites can improve their interactions with players by offering personalized services. They can tailor their bonuses, support local languages, or payment methods. They could provide customized support to VIP players and other ways to make each player feel special.

To Conclude
New blackjack sites keep cropping up in the UK. Most of them struggle to stay adrift in the business world. But if they can use some of the ideas mentioned above, they compete successively with their established counterparts.